Twitter’s 30 Most Powerful LGBTs Could Rule The World With A Single Tweet

Laurence Watts over at HuffPo Gay Voices assembled a list of the world’s 30 most powerful LGBT people on Twitter. Let us just hope they use their tweets for good rather than to send out spam for hooker-bots.

Image via petesimon

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  • Tony

    I only follow three of these people and I doubt a single on of them could do more than excite a few sycophants to re-tweet which means absolutely nothing.

  • Tyler

    Puerto Rico is part of the United States. They have representatives in the United States Congress (Pedro Pierluisi) and their Head of State is the President of the United States. Seems silly to me that Ricky Martin would be listed as if he were foreign to the US. Why not list Perez Hilton as Cuban? Thats his parents place of origin. Or list Lady Gaga as New Yorker if you are looking at states or region of origi?.

    hmm. Maybe I’m just being nitpicky and splitting hairs here.

  • John C

    What about Amanda Palmer’s 500,000+ followers?

    I bet they are far more rabid a fanbase than most of this list.

  • Jim Hlavac

    @Tyler: Actually, from what I heard, Ricky became a Spanish citizen — did he drop his American citizenship? Hmm. Nitpick away :) I would not get any tweets though; I don’t twitter away, oh well.

  • xander

    It’s a poorly-kept secret that many celebs have their assistants and PR minions Tweet on their behalf : I’m not indicting any of the people on the list, of course, because an ally is an ally, but caveat emptor!

    How about a list of lesser-known people who are flying under the radar but whose twitter emissions we should check out?

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    Gaga is not a B. Unless recreational sex qualifies you for Bi, in which case prolly 50% of all women get a membership card and oh, lets say 90% of all men lol. (quote: “I’ve only been in love with men and will marry a man”)

  • amo

    @ScaryRussianHeather: IDing as bi qualifies you for bi. Same as every other orientation.

  • amo

    None of these people are trans.

    Anderson Cooper doesn’t even ID as gay.

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