Spreading joy

Twitter’s freaking over the newest holiday cup controversy, but not for the reason you think


This is the kind of holiday coffee cup controversy we can really get behind.

Forget Starbucks and the ever-escalating war on Christmas. Over at McDonald’s, some seemingly innocuous holiday cup art has been wildly altered with just a few pen strokes.

And once you see the results, you simply can’t unsee them.

Here’s the original:

And because life simply wouldn’t be as fun if the world wasn’t filled with creative deviants, here’s the edited version:

We can’t say for sure if the above Tweet was the original source of this holiday mishap, but it’s certainly a popular one. The photo has received over 22,000 likes and 14,000 shares in just two days.

And the Twitterverse is simply enamored:

That’s all, folks.