Two Ads Come Out Against Prop 8 – One Soft, One Hard

Two new ads were released today to fight Proposition 8, the ballot measure intended to re-ban gay marriage in California. Both were funded by the No on 8 coalition.

Above you’ll find a fairy cushy commercial depicting two gal pals discussing same-sex nuptials. When one admits, “I’m not sure how I feel about this gay marriage thing,” the other one coddles, I think it’s fine if you don’t know how you feel, but are you willing to eliminate rights and have our laws treat people differently?” The answer, obviously, is “no.”

Meanwhile, No On 8 also released another ad, and this one directly takes on right-wing lies, like gay marriage will change church tax laws and inject homo-studies into education. Take a peak at that one, which we feel is much more effective, after the jump.

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  • Jimmy

    As a resident of Palm Springs California, I just wish I saw these on the television instead of coming to this site to see them. I constantly am seeing the “yes on 8” commercials on television. Sadly have yet to see one “no on 8” commercial.

  • emb

    I’m in Long Beach, and I’ve seen a couple of the “nice” ads — the bride who can’t get up the aisle and the pleasant elderly couple. The new harder-hitting one is excellent, and should saturate. Apparently the mormons & co. have more money than they know what to do with — they’ve bought daily advertising time on the Air America radio affiliate in LA, and that’s hardly a demographic their ads are likely to appeal to.

    Visit and do stuff, give money, and VOTE NO.

  • No 4

    I’ve seen the ads on TV. Looks like we are all west coasters…LOL BUT I have also seen the Yes on Prop 8 ads and they come at you full force. Especially the one with Mayor Newsom saying “whether you like it or not”. It comes across as bullyish and people have been reacting to it. I know a few people who are basing their decision on that ad. It’s never a good idea to tell people what they are going to like. That is a powerful soundbyte that benifited the YES side. I am surpised the NO side of this has been so soft with their campaign.

  • Timothy


    If you want to see those those ads in Palm Springs I know of one way to make that happen. Raise the money to run the ads and I guarantee that they’ll run ’em.

    There are flocks of elderly gay men in PS with PILES of cash. Get ’em together and explain exactly what you want. I think they’ll help.

  • Jason

    Queerty mods:

    PLEASE help the cause by trying to encourage Queerty readers around the country to donate to No on Prop 8. This measure was not looking likely to pass until just a few days ago, and it seems the tide has turned entirely based on a flood of advertising from the better-moneyed Yes on Prop 8 folks. It’s still possible we can turn the tide on this but we need the help of the GLBT community in the entire country if we’re going to do it.

    If Prop 8 passes, this may be the end of the gay marriage debate in this country for a generation.

  • fredo777

    Honestly, I think both of these ads are a little weak + need to be more specific.

  • Johnny Underscore

    I agree with Fredo. The very first ad a few months ago with the bride for letcaliforniaring was subtle and artful and powerful (it wasn’t meant to appeal to gays and lesbians; it was intended to appeal to the general public who hadn’t really thought much about the issue). I wish I’d see those ads again. The ad with the old couple seemed cheap. The ad with the women at the kitchen table seemed trite. The “lies” ad is OK. Some of us are donating lots of time and money to this important cause. These ads need to do better – they don’t need to be expensive – just compelling.

  • Insideguy

    I am currently on vacation in Humboldt County where amazingly a lot of support for No on 8 would be limited. But there are many lawn signs here to strike it down. It gives me hope.

  • Steve

    Compared to the Yes on 8 ads, the No on 8 ads are amateurish and ineffective. I’ve been volunteering with the No on 8 campaign since its start and am so upset at their bungling of this campaign. This fight was ours to lose and the No on 8’s mismanagement of it is beyond belief.

  • Jaroslaw

    Steve – I think both of the ads are fine. If they are too hard hitting, people will tune them out. I have tried discussing all the hard stuff with many many many people; some super fundies minds are closed, nothing matters. We need to get the undecideds something to think about and both these ads do that. We don’t need to clobber them over the head.

  • Mary

    The new Prop 8 signs are a little troubling. They can be misread. If you have not see them yet instead of having Equality for all in green below Vote No on 8, it Says Wrong and Unfair in bright Red. Then in the the letter o of No there is a bright red X instead of a green check mark. Even though I like the bright red, it can be read incorrectly that voting no on 8 is wrong and unfair (or something along those lines). At least with the green check mark in no, you can tell that your No is going to the green equality for all. With the red X, it could look like your no is going to the red wrong and unfair. They could be fixed by putting in small letters on the white line “because it’s” to prevent confusion to that it reads “Vote No on 8 because it’s wrong and unfair”. With there being so much confusion for voters in the campaign this far, it would be nice to have a clear cut advertisement.

  • fredo777

    True, Mary.

    I was thinking that earlier, actually. The “wrong and unfair” line after vote no on 8 could be misleading.

    If they’d just toss an “it’s” before that tagline, it’d work a lot better.

    Maybe you should contact them + give them the suggestion.

  • rob ryan

    how come none of the no on 8 ads feature gay couples?

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