Two Ads Come Out Against Prop 8 – One Soft, One Hard

Two new ads were released today to fight Proposition 8, the ballot measure intended to re-ban gay marriage in California. Both were funded by the No on 8 coalition.

Above you’ll find a fairy cushy commercial depicting two gal pals discussing same-sex nuptials. When one admits, “I’m not sure how I feel about this gay marriage thing,” the other one coddles, I think it’s fine if you don’t know how you feel, but are you willing to eliminate rights and have our laws treat people differently?” The answer, obviously, is “no.”

Meanwhile, No On 8 also released another ad, and this one directly takes on right-wing lies, like gay marriage will change church tax laws and inject homo-studies into education. Take a peak at that one, which we feel is much more effective, after the jump.