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Two And A Half Men Stars Seal It With A Kiss

ashton-kutcher_jon-cryer_kissIf you’ve been glued to your television waiting for Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer to swap some spit on Two and a Half Men (or for Michael Bolton to make a comeback), your wish has been granted.

In a somewhat odd storyline, Walden (Kutcher) and Alan (Cryer) — both of whom are straight — have decided to marry each other so they can raise a kid together, and E! Online has provided a first look at their wedding kiss. (Hopefully someone will give us a look at what happens on their wedding night.)

The show’s creator, Chuck Lorre, says he thought it was “both very funny and heartwarming that these guys would go to such great lengths to get a kid out of the foster system and give him a home. Yes, there’s some subterfuge in doing that, they are gaming the system, but the intention is to give a child a home, and it brings the series back to being about two men teaching a young man to become a man.”

And since every gay wedding needs a fabulous wedding singer, Michael Bolton will be on hand to serenade them with “When a Man Loves a Man,” a sure-to-be cheeky revamp of his signature song.

Jon Cryer admitted to E! that he was initially thrown by the idea of his and Ashton Kutcher’s characters putting a ring on it. “The first time I heard it I said, ‘What?!’ And then I thought, ‘Oh yeah it kind of makes sense, because last season Alan’s wedding fell apart and Ashton’s wedding has fallen apart.’ The writers have a good idea and it opens up a lot of doors.”

Whether those open doors will provide enough room for shark jumping is anyone guess.

The two men take the plunge on the episode airing November 6.