Hometown Heroes

Two Bold Gay Teens Face Smalltown Haters Of Their Newly Formed GSA In Tennessee

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Josh Dailey and Christian Cox

Two gay teens are speaking out after the gay-straight alliance they founded became a lightning rod for haters in their small town of Winchester, Tennessee.

When Josh Dailey and Christian Cox formed a GSA at their Franklin County high school, it wasn’t exactly met with open arms.

Some thought the GSA would open the floodgates for other student groups supporting ISIS (seriously), and others wore “straight pride” signs to protest it.

The two teens are facing an uphill battle to educate their small town in the bible belt. Cox was first openly gay guy in a gay relationship at his high school, and was threatened with severe punishment for showing affection with his boyfriend during class breaks. Dailey was kicked out of his home for being gay.

The two teens sat down for an interview about the experience and reveal the harassment they’ve faced, including being taunted with antigay slurs and pelted with broccoli! Hopefully they can make a pit stop to Ellen or something a bit more high-profile next. These two guys are heroes, and we’re sure their story can do a lot to inspire people to do more in other small towns where visibility is needed the most.