Two Days Later, Ann Coulter “Answers” Simple Question With Lame Joke

Two days after Piers Morgan asked her how she would feel about having a gay child, Ann Coulter finally delivers a response. She who laughs last thinks slowest.

Sean Hannity asks her the exact same question BUT THIS TIME hate-fuppet Coulter has digested the question poops out this steamy nugget: “Obviously I’d tell him he was adopted, ask for some help redecorating the dining room.”


It’s funny you see because there’s no way Coulter’s three failed marital engagements and rancid she-cave could ever produce a fabulous unicorn baby let alone a non-troll human with actual thoughts, feelings, and humanity.

Nope. No style, no substance, no desire for actual conversation on how her anti-gay stances would affect a real child of her own making. Just an empty husk masquerading as a political thinker.

Why didn’t say this crap on CNN? Only on FOX News, folks.

Via Towleroad