Two Days Later, Ann Coulter “Answers” Simple Question With Lame Joke

Two days after Piers Morgan asked her how she would feel about having a gay child, Ann Coulter finally delivers a response. She who laughs last thinks slowest.

Sean Hannity asks her the exact same question BUT THIS TIME hate-fuppet Coulter has digested the question poops out this steamy nugget: “Obviously I’d tell him he was adopted, ask for some help redecorating the dining room.”


It’s funny you see because there’s no way Coulter’s three failed marital engagements and rancid she-cave could ever produce a fabulous unicorn baby let alone a non-troll human with actual thoughts, feelings, and humanity.

Nope. No style, no substance, no desire for actual conversation on how her anti-gay stances would affect a real child of her own making. Just an empty husk masquerading as a political thinker.

Why didn’t say this crap on CNN? Only on FOX News, folks.

Via Towleroad

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  • scantron

    what an idiot!

  • hyhybt

    All right… I didn’t watch this, but did notice, in flipping past it a few times and then finally trying to watch only I can’t stand either of them more than about 30 seconds… why was the word “DEMON” in large red letters on the screen for a long while, where the display frame of the above video says “He did it”?

  • jimstoic

    I figured Coulter was like a Barbie “down there.” So the real answer should have been, “There’s no way I could have a child.” Maybe that’s what she means when she says she’d tell him he’s adopted.


    Two Days– Not only is she tired and hateful but she is also slow.(she really should hire new writers)

  • Chris

    ME: Mom, I’m gay.

    ANN COULTER: You’re adopted.

    ME: Oh, thank god!

  • Jon Tom

    @Chris ROFLMAO!!!

  • CoCo

    Haha, I mean, I think it’s kinda funny. It’s not like she was saying she would stab it to death unlike some people…

  • shle896

    If I was her son, I’d tell everybody I was adopted, too. Who wants to be related to a horse-woman anyway?

  • tjr101

    I just can’t get pass that huge adam’s apple of “her’s.”

  • Michael

    These comments are hilarious especially Chris and shle lol

  • Cj M

    @tjr101: Oh good, I was wondering how long it was gonna take before the MANN COULTER jokes got trotted out. They’re all so refreshingly ORIGINAL and totally not trans-bashing or anything.

    I mean, at least I, as a transsexual woman, am insulted at the implication that whats wrong with her is her gender.

    No, she’s not a man, even if she was born with a penis.

    She’s just a bitch. A vile, hateful, reptilian wretch of a bleach-blonde bitch.

    But it’s cool, guys, let’s go ahead a whip up the “ann coulter is clearly a man” parade. It really gets right to the heart of the real issues.

  • jason

    Ann should realize that, if she offends the gay community, she risks those hideous caricatures of her face that accompany these Queerty articles on her. LOL.

  • robert in NYC

    She’s an embarrassment to the human race, a mistake of nature, but then the GOP has a monopoly on ill-informed psycho-talking, batshit crazy assholes. After listening to her recent comments about the economy, I’d love to see Robert Reich or Paul Krugman debate her. She looks like a product of in-breeding.

  • hyhybt

    @robert in NYC: They do have an ample helpin, but not a monopoly; see Cynthia McKinney.

  • randy

    So she was embarrassed by Morgan’s question and caught off base. Great. But her publicity machine realized this made her look bad. So they scheduled an interview on Hannity, who is good friends with her, and ask him to re-ask her the question. And she had a quip at the ready!

    It must be nice to have your own tv network to play with.

  • delurker

    Gay conservatives say: “LEAVE ANN ALONE!”

  • shle896

    @delurker: Hope you’re kidding about that. A gay Conservative is like being a Jewish Nazi.

  • Jim in St Louis

    Comments here are nasty- hateful- and pathetic.
    So any of you fools want to make a $100 bet?

    Here is the bet—
    If science proves that there is a gay gene- and develops a test for the gene while the kid is still in the womb—how many of you pro abortion sheep are going to change to pro-life in exactly 5 seconds?” 98%? 99%?

  • shle896

    @Jim in St Louis: Sorry, but that scenario wouldn’t change my pro-choice stance. The last thing we need is yet another child be born into bad circumstances. A great many of women who have an abortion are teenage girls and without income. I couldn’t care less if a fetus, the size of nat, may be gay or otherwise.

  • Jim in St Louis


    “scenario wouldn’t change my pro-choice stance”- You mean that if potential future gays were being aborted wholesale due to this test. You would not be out there defending the poor unborn little buggers? You would not be signing petitions to stop the slaughter?

    “The last thing we need..etc” Oh but this is not about you, and it is not about ‘we’ (whoever the hell ‘we’ is). Its about the personal choice of the mother-and if she wants to flush her kid down the sewer cause its gay- then I guess you will be right there to push the handle for her. Its very exposing of YOUR true views in that you want to flush away children in bad circumstances, I guess you mean minorities and the poor? Hmmm…who does that remind me of….?

    “A great many women…etc” B.S. You yourself just said they were teenage girls-not women–girls. And lets not get into a discussion about the fantastic reasoning and super smart lifestyle choices of teenage girls. Hell we don’t let them drink- but you are fine with them making the personal choice to abort. wtf?

    “the size of a nat(sic)” Either you failed biology or you have been brainwashed. Try Google, try Wikipedia, try anywhere and just type in “fetal development”. But to stay true to the nature of the bet, I think they do amnio around 17 weeks- so go look and then tell me that a 17 weeks fetus (that turns out to have the gay gene) is swell to be aborted.

  • shle896

    If you’re so passionate about it, why don’t you adopt one of those unwanted babies? Oh yeah, and where’s my $100?

  • Jim in St Louis

    Funny thing you should mention that. I have friends who lost their kid when he was 3 y/o. The kid was a down’s synd, and after a year or so they thought “Lets adopt a down’s synd kid” They thought it might be a good way to sort of remember their own child as a tribute and still maybe help out someone else. Here is the funny part- There are no down’s syndrome kids available for adoption. None. They simply do not exist. Either the parents keep them, or they abort them. Interesting isn’t it as it relates to my bet?

    Nice touch to totally ignore all my points in my comment back to you.

  • shle896

    I didn’t address your “points” because I don’t think they’re valid ones. And why the hell are we debating abortion on a page about Ann Coulter?

  • Jim in St Louis

    You did not watch the interview did you?

  • shle896

    Nope, didn’t watch the interview. I only responded to her adoption remark, which is the subject of the article on this page. Didn’t know that abortion was part of the story. My bad, I guess.

  • Jim in St Louis

    Nice- avoid any attempt to have a real discussion. Avoid even watching the interview to actually see what Ann said—(what adoption remark?) But shle896 is first in line to spout out typical woman hating insults, and then to make silly indefensible remarks (and I say indefensible because you have yet to defend your remarks).

    You say ‘my bad’, but you don’t really mean it do you?

  • shle896

    Get a life, fucktard.

  • Jim in St Louis

    I have a life, and you have your life. What remains unresolved is WHY are you so adamant about denying others their right to life?

  • Hyacinthe

    Jesus fuck it’s like YouTube up in here.

  • Thomas Boyle


    BLACKS ARE PARTICULARLY homophobic because it was in the interest of the slave Master to make sure the White preacher in the Black church did nothing to interfere with the production of slave babies. Blacks could have their own church but they had to have a White Preacher. “Da Masta would be proud of Mr. Morgan’s comments.” He is spouting off slavery day attitudes. Same sex does not make babies. That would cut into the slave master’s profits. Selling people was more profitable than growing cotton in some years. Money was the motivation for that interpretation of God’s word, as it usually is. Each of us should examine where our Beliefs come from. Follow the money. Blacks don’t need a White preacher in Black churches anymore to preach the slave Master’s creed. The Blacks are doing it themselves.

    I am running for President. PresidentBoyle com A Moderate Democrat here, Grew up in Congress, Know how to run the place. My Dad passed the First Civil Rights Bill after the Civil War. The 1957 Civil Rights Act, gave Blacks the Right to get Federal jobs and paychecks. Sad to say, Blacks are stingy when it comes to giving others their rights. Blacks have been indoctrinated four hundred years in Black churches by White Preachers. It will take some time to undo the work of the Slave Masters Creed.

    Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord lived under the Homosexual Roman Army His whole life. They occupied Israel. Caesar was gay and so was his Army. They ruled the world a thousand years. The Holy Roman Catholic church followed the Homosexual Roman Army to the far corners of the earth.

    When Jesus said, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” He had to know, it could be interpreted and was, as being Pro Gay. Everyone knew the Romans were Gay. They built Gay Baths in every country they conquered. That statement could be why Jesus was killed on the cross by ultra conservative right wing extremists. That is a little Black history and Roman history seldom taught in school books. We are all trying to do God’s Will. Pray to know it.

  • Jeffree

    Thomas Boyle just made my eyes bleed.

    The good news is that “jason” clearly has found his long lost brother / father. Note the similar and potent mix of blatant racism, full-bore bi-mania, invented facts, (il)logical leaps and messianic grandiosity.

    It’s a glorious word salad, topped with a whole steamy heap of the cray cray.

    Dang, I love this place!

  • robert in NYC

    Jim in St. Louis has demonstrated that republicans’ (tea partyers’ and civil libertarians’) brains are for the most part, devolved and incapable of intellectual curiosity. If his wife, assuming he’s straight and married were told that she would die giving birth but the baby would have to be aborted to save her, the republican pro-life approach would be to let the wife die. If he had an underage daughter who was raped bwhich resulted in a pregnancy, he and the pro-lifers would ne totally happy about it. They either support pro-life no matter what, or they don’t. They can’t have it both ways. What does he say about the so called “pro-lifers” who bomb abortion clinics and murder doctors? Probably happy about that too. What a bunch of hypocrites and idiots.

  • Jeffree

    @robert in NYC: Yes! — Scratch a “pro-lifer” & you’ll see their voting records line up with other bad ideas: no Plan B, no other contraception, no gyn exams at PlanPar, no HPV vacc.s, no access to paps, abstinence only, “proof of rape” & the list goes on.

    [that stuff about no Down Syndrome babies being available for adoption is also untrue, btw: one agency on any given day may not have one, but they’re in the adoption/ foster care system.]

    Their new motto should be “Be fertile & multiply…..even if it kills you”!

  • robert in NYC

    Jeffree, exactly right. Actually, my older cousin knows of someone who adopted a down’s syndrome baby, a marvellous couple. I admire people who do that and this couple isn’t religious either and believes in a woman’s right to choose what’s best for her reproductive system. Its nobody’s business, not even the phoney pro-lifers who claim they want big government out of their lives. A bunch of liars and hypocrites. Notice most of them are all religious straight men and republican psycho talkers for the most part.

  • Jeffree

    Back to Ann Coulter: People ragging on her for possibly being trans or intersex are missing the bigger point: she’s not fit to be a mother, to any child. She’s 90% venom, 5% drool, 3% skin/hair/teeth and the rest is recycled reptilian brainstem.

    She thrives on press, saying shocking one-liners that she thinks will get her to be “relevant” again.

    She’s no ally to the gays, to other women, to humans, or that poor albino llama whose fur she pastes on her head to simulate “hair.”

  • Hyhybt

    Batter is not properly a cake until it’s been fully baked.

  • BobBrown

    @Cj M: I am sorry that it appears trans people are being made fun of.

  • TheRealAdam

    @Jeffree: “She’s no ally to the gays, to other women, to humans, or that poor albino llama whose fur she pastes on her head to simulate ‘hair.'”

    LMAO! Oh, dear. The talons, Jeffree, the talons.

  • Jeffree

    @TheRealAdam: I actually can’t predict when the talons will emerge, but when inspiration strikes, I run with it. Thanks.

    That said, @Chris (#5) won the thread.

  • Riker

    @shle896: You shut up about Sarah Jessica Parker!

  • Sebizzar

    The thumbnail is hilarious lol

  • Jeffree

    Ann Coulter must be jealous of all the attention Tracey Morgan’s getting. I’m waiting for her to emerge from her vat of embalming fluid to say something SO outrageous that we’ll forget we even heard of 30 Rock.

    Then again, Mount Santorum is likely to explode any day now, too.

    @Riker: It took me two whole days to “get” you comment about Sarah Jessica Palomino-Parker. Good one.

    Where have you been? Come back & hang out with us again.

  • Riker

    @Jeffree: I’ve been around. Working two jobs, I don’t have much free time to read Queerty. Besides, I don’t usually take the time to comment unless I have something intelligent to add that hasn’t been said yet. Nice to see y’all, though.

  • Jim in St Louis

    @robert in NYC: Your assumptions are wrong, wrong and wrong again. I think it funny that you could not reply to any of my comments- instead you had to makeup stuff out of thin air and then argue against that.
    Good thing you had Jeffree around to be your echo, I guess it gives you some sort of validation.

    And I’ve asked this again and again, but still can’t get a straight (you will forgive the expression) answer- why is it that the first insult that liberals make against someone they disagree with is that they are gay?

  • Jeffree

    Pity Jim in St. Louis: he’s trolling against abortion on a site for LGBT people. He hasn’t figured out that most same-sex couples who want children go to great lengths to have them: adoption, in vitro, surrogacy, etc. Unlike the majority of hetero couples and singles who face the possibility of pregnancy whenever yin meets yang, we plan ahead & don’t breed gratuitously.

    Talk about misplaced use of hot air & pointless preaching. Sad troll needs to go elsewhere to tell Ann Coulter what he thinks about her.

  • Cj M

    @Jim in St Louis: You know, I just don’t see how the toilet is worse than being raised by someone so clearly homophobic that they’d want to eliminate the fetus with it’s faulty gene. Pro-choice includes being for the right of a woman to terminate a pregnancy for whatever reason. Even if i don’t agree with the reason. Better than having the kid raised to hate themselves so much that suicide is the end result. I’d rather the ol’ scrape-n-flush now than the ol’ slit-n-bleed 20 years later.

    I mean, if I were forced to choose.

    @BobBrown: I’m not really mad at you, per se, just that nobody can ever come upwith anything more creative than “MAAAAANNNN!! SHE’S A MANNNNNNN!!!!” That’s just insulting to men, women, transwomen, and everyone else. Mostly because it assumes that that overbleached troglodyte qualifies as HUMAN.

  • Jim in St Louis

    @Cj M: Are you truly that cruel? or is that just a pose? Somehow I’m thinking that you are bringing up a woman’s right to choice and using it for a cover of something worse, an actual dislike of human life, and that can only come from someone who is so unhappy with their own life that they endorse self-destructive behavior for an entire species. How can anyone (including a mother) look at another person and say “you have no value- I will stop your right to exist”. Or I’m just using dime-store pchych since I know nothing about you.
    I see so much potential in life- even in the roughest circumstances people have found beauty and love and purpose in life. To deny that to anyone seems so terrible.

  • Jim in St Louis

    @Jeffree: Sorry if the message missed you, perhaps I should use smaller words so you can understand. Thank you for the pity–it is the first emotion that has not directly concerned you and your own needs, getting outside of yourself is a very good first step.

    You are wrong about Downs syn babies being available for adoption. There are none in the US or Canada, and that is a result of easy abortion. Any adoptions have to come from overseas.

    I would also caution you about trying to establish that hetro marriage is intended for having children— one more mis-step like that and the gays will throw you out of the club.

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