Lifelong Bromance

Two Frat Brothers Came Out, Battled Addiction, And Got Married

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Troy Hallisey has a story to share about coming out, fraternity life, addiction, and true love that you don’t see everyday. Hell, we’re already salivating over the potential for a movie version.

I’m From Driftwood sat down with Hallisey for his story about love found, tested, and reborn. The open and honest talk about addiction and relapsing is particularly relevant.

Hallisey reconnected with fraternity brother Henry who had since come out, and the two began a relationship. After dating for a few months, Henry’s addiction became more obvious:

“After a couple months of dating though, I realized something was going on. He started to not look well again, kind of like how he did when we were in college and it was becoming just really obvious that he had relapsed.”

Hallisey’s story is worth a watch, not only because it’s romantic, but because addiction in the gay community isn’t spoken about frequently enough.