movie time

Two Gay Films That Need Your Help, and Two That You’ll Soon be Watching

Meet Nathan Adloff. Nathan just raised $12,415 on Kickstarter for his film Nate and Margaret, which is about a gay boy who befriends an aging lady comic. Now slightly over their goal, the movie starts shooting next month in Chicago.

And now let’s meet Malika and Katy. They’ve just hit their goal of $11,000 for Call me Kuchu, a documentary that follows an Ugandan LGBT rights activist … until he was murdered in the course of filming.

Two excellent-sounding films that we can look forward to seeing at film festivals very soon! But wait. What about Keep the Lights On?

It’s an artsy-looking film about gay life in NYC. “It’s a story fueled by shame that I intend to make shamelessly,” says Ira Sachs. Oh, shame and shamelessness! He is like a modern day Jane Austen, only more penisey.

And wait again. What’s this about Tying the Knot?

Naughty closeted politician! Tap shoes in the bathroom! Murrrrrrrrrder!

Well, there you have it. Queer cinema, alive and well, if you wish it to be so.