Two Jasperjohns, Or, How To Make An Amazing Gay TV Show For Almost No Money

Sit at your laptop and revise that script over and over waiting for The Man to notice? Or pick up a camera, get yourself some funny friends and a bear costume and just make it happen? Vincent Lopez, commercial director by day, chose the latter, went into Internet labor and out birthed five mini-episodes of TwoJasperJohns.

The show is described by Lopez as “a TV show on the Internet concerning nine gay brothers from Ohio living in New York whose last names are Jasperjohns. And two of them live together.” Episodes One through Five involve magical white pants, serious beards, a brother-brother-bear love triangle (with an actual bear), covert military operations, delusions, accusations, revelations, faux forgiveness and revenge plots exacted via ice-cream cakes filled with “Double-AIDS,” and smoothies poisoned with “Mega-Syphilis.” In other words, it’s weird and great, circumventing the typical on every level and skillfully evading the endless, exhausting cycle of urban gay male lifestyle categorization.

And now for a one-question interview with writer/director Lopez:

Queerty: Where’d you get the bear suit?

Vincent Lopez: Rented. And it cost as much as the whole fucking shoot, so somebody rich please be our backer. The end.


Watch more TwoJasperJohns here.