Two Men Arrested For Recording Themselves Having Sex On A Subway Train

Screen shot 2015-05-14 at 9.22.23 AMTwo young men have been arrested in Taiwan after a video of them engaging in oral sex on a subway car went viral on several adult websites.

The cellphone video, which runs for a total of one-minute and 18-seconds clip, depicts the men making out, jerking off, and giving blowies to one another on the train while another male passenger sits unknowingly in the background.

When the Taiwan Railway Administration got its hands on the footage, it reported the video to police, who tracked down the guys by analyzing their facial features. (That’s right, police watched the sexy video over and over and over until they were finally able to recognize who the men were.)

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Once identified, the men, ages 18 and 20, were arrested for public indecency and violating Taiwan’s Child and Youth Sexual Transaction Prevention Act. They told authorities they shot the video while on a one-day leave from military service in May 2014.

They also claimed they had no idea how the video leaked, and that they were just as shocked as everyone else by how fast it had spread online, appearing on multiple foreign X-rate sites.

Authorities say they are now looking for the person who uploaded the video to the internet. (Surely, they have better things to do?)

Meanwhile, the Taiwan Railway Administration claims the incident has damaged their reputation and plan to sue the young men.

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