Two Men Assaulted By Five Baseball Bat-Wielding Homophobes In Dallas

Two Dallas men were walking near the intersection of Forest Lane and Audelia Road early Tuesday morning when they were assaulted for their perceived homosexuality.

According to FOX4, five men attacked the two men with baseball bats, yelling pejorative gay slurs as they beat them in the face, head, and body. Like a recent African-American gay bashing in Atlanta, neither of the victims wants to come forward at this time. In Atlanta, it took a few days for the victim, Brandon White, to muster up the courage to identify himself.

Jonathan Lindsey, a resident living nearby, said that an anti-gay attack is not so rare in those parts—it happened to him at the same intersection to years ago.

“It’s said,” said Lindsey. “You should feel safe walking down your own street, no matter what you is or who you are.”

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