Two Men Assaulted By Five Baseball Bat-Wielding Homophobes In Dallas

Two Dallas men were walking near the intersection of Forest Lane and Audelia Road early Tuesday morning when they were assaulted for their perceived homosexuality.

According to FOX4, five men attacked the two men with baseball bats, yelling pejorative gay slurs as they beat them in the face, head, and body. Like a recent African-American gay bashing in Atlanta, neither of the victims wants to come forward at this time. In Atlanta, it took a few days for the victim, Brandon White, to muster up the courage to identify himself.

Jonathan Lindsey, a resident living nearby, said that an anti-gay attack is not so rare in those parts—it happened to him at the same intersection to years ago.

“It’s said,” said Lindsey. “You should feel safe walking down your own street, no matter what you is or who you are.”

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  • [email protected]

    What!?! a Texan who doesn’t pack his own heat? Be a true Ranger, carry, and let the ‘phobes know they can’t tangle with a real man!

  • Belize

    Funny how these reports came up after a poster said a while back that EU countries are not light years more enlightened than the good ol’ US of A just because Denmark leans more toward gay marriage.

  • GayCynic

    Carrying or not carrying has very little to do with being a “real man”.

    And then we have that little set of reality issues that involve the large and increasing number of women that carry, and not only carry serious firearms, but wield them as well or better than the average guy. Google “Julie Golob” or “Breda the worlds deadliest librarian”.

    But do, if your ethics allow, get your Concealed Pistol License. Contact your local Pink Pistols chapter (or call around to the local gun groups if you don’t have a chapter handy – these days the comments I hear after a bashing is reported in the gun community consist mostly of “Goddamit, why weren’t they armed?”) and find someone to visit the range with you (pick a range with a rental counter or a new friend with a really impressive collection…not only are you learning to shoot, you’re testing for what gun works with YOUR hand…so a variety is good).

    Consider training. Learn the rules of firearms safety. Learn to hit what you shoot at. Learn the local laws regarding both use of force and firearms carry. Practice.

    NO SELF DEFENSE STRATEGY IS A SURE THING. “Run away, Run away” and “Be where the trouble isn’t” are still the two very best self-defense strategies even if you are so heavily armed that you clank when you walk. Regrettably, they aren’t always available.

    Five guys with baseball bats, to any vaguely rational person, make up what’s called “deadly force”. Frankly, so does one guy with a baseball bat or a crowbar. Skull fractures and other impact injuries are no laughing matter and can easily be lethal.

    When you fight back, you aren’t just saving yourself. When you fight back, win or lose, you shatter the meme that the LGBT community is composed solely of wild-eyed pacifists that are vulnerable and easy targets for every bully that comes along – hate-driven or not.

    After all, when was the last time you heard of a group of 5 youths with baseball bats attacking a cop or a biker?

    It isn’t just hate that’s our enemy. It’s also the idea that we’re a safe target.

  • Kev C

    @GayCynic: One of the big problems for gays who fight back is getting arrested by the police. The police will ignore complaints by gays, and yet are too eager to arrest any gay who defends themselves. This is especially true in northern states where they don’t allow people to carry protection. Instead, the police want gays to be injured and victimized.

  • GayCynic

    @KevC Only a relatively dinky quibble. Only a few of the north-eastern states really fall into the category you describe. On the dread “gun thing”, pretty much everything west of the Mississippi is fairly sensible (always excepting California), and most of those states have laws ranging from strong self-defense statutes on up to vigorous Castle Doctrine statutes.

    And then we fall back to “better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6…” truism…a bit grim, but no less true for its’ cynicism.

  • mike

    lock all of them up and se how they feel when they become somebodys bitch in jail….they deserve what ever they get…….they are closet case’s anyway

  • iluvcakes

    Ok was I the only person to notice Johnny has a nice nice ass. It was peaking through the logo.

  • Oh, ok.

    @mike: Huh?

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