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Two men charged with hate crimes after luring and attacking guys via Grindr

Daniel Jenkins and Daryl Henry

Police have charged two men in Dallas with the attack and robbery of gay men they targeted on Grindr.

Law enforcement officials say Daryl Henry (22) and Daniel Jenkins (20) lured men for dates using the popular gay social app only to beat, rob and in some cases rape victims. The attacks occurred in late 2017. Prosecutors unsealed the indictment–which charges both with violating federal hate crime laws–this week.

Court documents detail how Henry and Jenkins targeted men ranging from age 19 to 57. They would hold victims at gunpoint, forcing them to withdraw cash from an ATM machine before stealing their cars, wallets, jewelry and other personal effects. Victims also reported sexual assault, being called gay slurs, and in some cases, being held for ransom. At least one victim also had human excrement smeared on him during the attack.

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Police apprehended Henry and Jenkins in December 2017 after one victim managed to escape the pair and alert police. When law enforcement arrived on the scene, they found three men already held captive. Earlier this year, another suspect named Michael Atkinson pled guilty to similar charges for his involvement with the pair and their scheme.