Two more men have come forward to accuse adult star Topher DiMaggio of rape

Following Tegan Zayne’s allegations earlier in January, two more men have come forward to accuse porn star Topher DiMaggio of rape.

Talking to Hornet, a man calling himself “Dan” alleges DiMaggio raped him at an afterparty:

“Things went by, people left the party, and the next thing I remember is that I am alone with Topher in this place.

I don’t know if I fell asleep and he woke me up, or how exactly I got into this position, but I was in the bedroom, I wasn’t wearing clothes, I was face-down, and he was trying to have sex with me.

I remember saying ‘No, I don’t want to do this’, and he said, ‘No, don’t worry about it’, and that’s kind of exactly what he said to Tegan. He was like, ‘No, it’s fine, don’t worry about it’.

He inserted himself inside of me and started to have sex with me.

I said, ‘Stop, no, this hurts’, and he said, ‘Just don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about it’. And he kept going and going and going and I just remember saying ‘No, please stop, no, please’.

And I remember… I could see it and feel it in my head. I could remember where I was, where my body was, the pain, where he was, and then he finished inside me.”

After the incident, this man claims he received medical treatment and the full panel of STD tests. He was given anti-retroviral HIV meds.

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He says he didn’t alert the police because he was “frightened” of the potential consequences.

It was Zayne’s accusations that inspired him to open up about the alleged event:

“Seeing my abuser called out for what he did sparked me to say, ‘Fuck it, it happened to me, too, and that fucker did it to me, too’. And I want to say something. Because there are probably others.”

Talking to StraightUpGayPorn (site NSFW, but always a good read), a 33-year-old man who calls himself Bryan claims he was also raped by DiMaggio, at a friend’s house after an evening of clubbing and drinking:

“That’s where it happened, at the bathroom in the house. That’s where it got violent. I had to go pee, so I went to the bathroom, but he followed me into the bathroom. He said, ‘I have to take a leak as well’, and I was like, ‘Whatever’.

I let him go first, and he peed. Then I go to pee, and he got right behind me. Next thing I know, he pushed me forward against the wall behind the toilet, and then he pushed my face against the wall, really hard. My lip busted open on the wall, and I started tasting the blood.

He just kept saying, ‘It’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine’. And then he pulled down my pants all the way. Remember, I was still trying to pee, but I couldn’t. And then I felt him behind me, and I realized what he was really trying to do. So, I said, ‘No, don’t. Stop.’ I kept saying ‘No.’

Then I said, ‘I don’t bottom.’ I kept saying ‘No’ again, and then again he was all, ‘Don’t worry about it. Don’t worry. It’s fine.'”

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He says the assault went on for 10-15 minutes:

“When he finally stopped and he let me go, I asked him if he was finished, and he was like, ‘Yeah. I busted twice.’ He pulled up his pants and walked out of the bathroom.”

Bryan told his mother and close acquaintances about the incident but also didn’t report the rape to police:

“At first, I was unsure where the line was drawn, and whether or not it was crossed to be called a rape. But then I was like, no, I said ‘No’, and he kept going, and he was violent, and by definition this was rape.”

DiMaggio denies Zayne’s allegations, saying, “These horrific accusations have shocked me to my core. All of my relations with this person have been consensual and willing.”

He hasn’t made any sort of statement about these new claims.