Two Men, One Woman, Charged With Anti-Gay Hate Crime In Chicago

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 6.06.16 PMTwo men and one woman have been charged with multiple felonies after attacking a pair of gay men and their female friend outside a Chicago bar earlier this month.

On January 6, the unnamed victims left Time Out Sports Pub in Lincoln Square and tried to hail a cab home. That’s when Susan Patton, 31, threw a drink into the face of the 26-year-old female, who walked away with her friends rather than engage in a confrontation.

That’s when things got uglier, reports

Instead of waiting for a cab, the trio opted to walk home. As they walked across the parking lot, a gray-colored Mazda pulled up next to the group and stopped, police said. Patton got out of the vehicle and again confronted the 26-year-old woman. Her two male companions stepped between them to protect her, and they were struck by Patton, police said.

Patton’s accomplices, Stephan Bolt, 31, and Christopher M. Miner, 30, began punching and kicking the two men while calling them anti-gay slurs. It’s unclear what prompted the attack, or even if the three assailants knew their victims. One victim managed to call the police, but the trio fled by the time they arrived. Miner and Bolt were eventually arrested on January 25, and Patton the following day.

All three face charges including aggravated battery, mob action and hate crime. They were released on a $3,000 cash bond and await a hearing on February 15.