A World of Worry

Two Men Walk Down The Streets of Jerusalem Holding Hands. What Happens Next Totally Sucks.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 10.12.42 AMIt’s a small, homophobic world after all. Following last week’s deadly stabbing at Jerusalem Pride — an attack that left one sixteen-year-old girl dead, and five other paraders wounded — Ynet, an Israeli news website, decided to conduct a little social experiment that demonstrates the degree of homophobia embedded in the culture.

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In a similar vein to last month’s experiments — which followed two men walking down the street holding hands in Moscow, and then, to equally devastating effect, in Kiev — this minute-and-a-half segment finds two men holding hands and wandering through busy thoroughfares and marketplaces in Jerusalem. A hidden camera captures the (overwhelmingly negative) responses from the bustling crowd:

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“Dirty gays!”


“You gay sons of bitches!”

“Have you seen faggot and faggot holding hands?”

And this is gauging Jerusalem’s hostility towards gays after the deadly Pride attack.