Two More Pieces Of Proof That The Good Guys Are Winning On Marriage

marriage poll

There’s some new polling data fresh off the presses, and you know what that means: good news for us, bad news for NOM.

Public support for marriage equality is at 59 percent in the latest survey — that’s super-high when you consider that just a decade ago support was in the mid-30s!

And speaking of the 30s, take a guess where our opponents are polling right now. Enjoy that 34 percent, NOM, because it’s only going to get lower.

Our opponents aren’t just losing public support. They’re also losing support from high-profile, powerful figures. Last week the Attorney General of Kentucky announced that he would not appeal a ruling that the state needs to recognize out-of-state marriage licenses. Now the anti-gay Governor will have to hire his own lawyer to defend the ban. (Well, not his own personal lawyer. The taxpayers are still on the hook for it.)

Of course it wouldn’t be a complete week without new lawsuits, and the new ones this week are in Wyoming and Florida. Mazel tov!