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Why Are Two Olympic Medalists Nuzzling This Bodybuilder On National TV?

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Here’s a fairly wild tableaux culled from Thursday evening’s edition of The Late Late Show with James Corden, which found Olympians Conor Dywer, Nathan Adrian, and Gabby Davis playing a round of a highly surrealistic game called, pithily enough, “Nuzzle Whaaa?”

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The rules are simple enough: The contestants were blindfolded and then had to futz around with some unknown object. In this case, the object was a massive bodybuilder.

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Needless to say, when Corden inadvertently went downtown, it was an image we never thought we’d see on squeaky-clean CBS, but there you are. Let it suffice to say, the line “My head was in his balls!”  is uttered at one point during the broadcast.

Once the festivities are over, Cordon airily asked Douglas, “Where was my head…?” 

Douglas: “I told you to go up.”


h/t: Towleroad