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Two Queer Films That Might Never be Seen Without Your Help

Get ready to grab a tissue and “have something in your eye,” because we have here an incredibly moving trailer for a documentary that needs your help in order to make it to the big screen. Watch!


Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine,” is story of Matthew Shepard’s life as told through a new perspective: that of his friends.

“I feel it’s so important, especially in this day and age, to share with the world the story of our Matt, as not just a symbol, but as a real person who had the love and respect of his family and his many friends,” says filmmaker Michele Josue. To be honest, this is a film I’ve been waiting years to make, and I am honored to have the opportunity to make it now.”

They still need over $10,000 to complete the film — movies are expensive! — so head over to Kickstarter and help ’em out. For $10 you’ll get a sticker, for $100 you’ll get your name in the credits, and for $500 you’ll get a signed print of an iconic Matthew Shepard photo.

And that’s not the only movie that needs your help: there’s also “I Do,” a narrative film about a bi-national couple that must either separate or leave the country together. The project has some good names attached: actor and musician David W. Ross (Quinceañera/Bad Boys Inc) along with producer Stephen Israel (Swimming with Sharks/Boy Culture).

They’re also going to Kickstarter route — check out the pitch and see what you think:


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  • Cam

    This is a neat post, thanks for adding it in. I hope you will continue doing it for many different types of gay films and not just documentaries. The more we can get out there the better!

  • Jeffrey Winter

    Hey “new Queerty,” you should definitely keep this is a regular feature….supporting the production efforts of new queer films. Keep making positive contributions towards the creation of Queer Art!

  • jamie

    @Jeffrey Winter: totally agree.

    fuck, the matthew shepard thing is the saddest thing EVER. I need a hug.

  • Derek Williams

    a wonderful project that deserves to be fully supported

  • Lefty

    “…nd for $500 you’ll get a signed print of an iconic Matthew Shepard photo.”

    Signed by who, exactly?

  • Pasadena, CA

    Signed by WHO? Oh, my gosh, who cares. Pony up some cash and support a good cause instead of whining.

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