Two Stories Of Trans Kids And Their Amazing Families Show The Best Of Parenting

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 11.48.13 AMIt’s an understandable desire for parents to want to rear their kids in their own image. But at some point every parent realizes they can’t control the multidimensional person their child will blossom into becoming. For many parents of gay people, that realization comes via a metaphorical ton of bricks when their child chooses to come out.

But for parents of transgender kids, the signs may start to appear much earlier in development, and that can be especially confusing.

NBC Nightly News is running a fantastic series about trans kids, helping to shatter the stereotypes and stigma surrounding the topic.

Here’s a look at two heartwarming examples of parents truly being their for their kids — acting not on their preconceived notion of a ‘perfect family’ (as if there were really such a thing), but on the true interest of their child.

Or as 8-year-old Malisa Honda puts it, “You should just let your child or friends be who they are.”

Watch the segments below, and have the tissues ready: