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Two Studs Accept The Justin Case Underwear Challenge

Screen-Shot-2014-12-22-at-11.57.55-AMIt’s a shame only two men accepted the Justin Case Underwear Challenge. But we can’t say we’re surprised. Would you strip down to your underwear and play pranks on people? What if we told you it was in Times Square in the bitter cold? More importantly, would you be wearing the right underwear if the challenge came up? Colby Lindeman and Blake French said yes. And for that, The Underwear Expert team is very thankful.

Stripping down to their skivvies was one thing. Once Colby and Blake’s shirts came off, you can see why they accepted. Both men have bodies to be proud of, and weather-resistant personalities. We won’t spoil the mischief that follows. We will tell you, however, that Colby looks hotter than hell in the Justin Case Purple Brief. The breathable brief fits perfectly on him. Blake is wearing the Justin Case Red Boxer Brief. He and the pair have similar attitudes. They’re both bold, energetic and confident.

You can read more about Justin Case underwear at The Underwear Expert.

Video Credit: Justin Case

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