Two Teenage Iowans May Be Charged With Hate Crime

Des Moines, Iowa 19-year olds, Jassimen Dobbins and Angela Wade may be charged with first-degree burglary and third-degree arson after attacking a 16-year old homo acquaintance.

It seems the ladies weren’t down with his gay ways and decided to let him know:

According to a Des Moines police report, Dobbins and Wade beat the teenager over the head with a bottle and stabbed him with a fork in the 1900 block of Francis Avenue. They stole $5 in cash, an ATM card and a driver’s license before setting fire to the victim’s bag.

Damn! First the beat him upside the head with a bottle, then they stabbed him with a fork (a fork!) and, as a little icing, they burned his bag? That’s some cold ass shit.

This attack comes just one week after openly gay Senator Matt McCoy celebrated a proposed bill that will help protect kids from bullying – a bill conservatives think will unfairly favor gays.

The girls may be charged with a hate crime, for they admitted to shouting anti-gay epithets during the altercation. Sweet, huh?