Two Teens Sentenced For Gay Attack

If anti-gay teenagers ask you if you’re gay, say “no.” That’s a lesson two British men learned the hard way:

The victims, aged 29 and 31, were wearing commando-style fancy-dress costumes, having attended a Christmas party. They were jeered at and asked if they were gay.

When one of the men, who is not gay, said he was and joked with the group, they reacted violently and punched and kicked him and his friend to the floor before stamping on them. The 29-year-old victim sustained a broken cheekbone and substantial bruising to his face and body and the second victim sustained cuts and bruises.

Munye also attempted to burn part of one of the victim’s outfits. Other passengers on the bus were so scared they moved away as they believed the group would turn on them. The attackers got off the bus in Rosebery Avenue.

The attackers, aged 18 and 19, will spend the next 15-months in prison. Maybe they’ll learn a lesson, too.