Two Things You Should Never Say To Someone Who’s Coming Out. We Can’t Believe The First One.

Teen-Boy-StressedFrom the I’m From Driftwood coming out series comes this share by gay teen Albert. He talks about two reactions he got to coming out, and why they were the absolute wrong things to say.

The first involves his Aunt Maryanne, who seemed to be pleased as punch to “have a gay in the family.” Albert points out that even that phrase — “a gay in the family” — has its issues, but since he sees it as her way of trying to contextualize, is still able to call their interaction a “pleasant one.”

That is, until she drops this bombshell:

“You’re already ‘Albert the Jew’…When’s it going to be OK to call you ‘Albert the faggot’?”

Never, Aunt Maryanne. NEVER.

Next comes a more typical sounding experience with a peer who has this to say to Albert:

“You know…it’s so great that you’re not like insert high school ‘flamer’ here>>.”

Albert, for his part, had the perfect reply. “Fuck off.”

See his video here: