Tyler Clementi’s Family Not Persuing Legal Action Against Rutgers, Dharun Ravi

The parents of Tyler Clementi have decided not to sue anyone associated with the Rutgers University student’s suicide.

Joseph and Jane Clementi filed court papers shortly after Tyler’s suicide, preserving their right to sue Rutgers for damages, but the deadline has passed. Rutgers has since made significant efforts to improve LGBT life on campus and last year co-sponsored a symposium on bullying and social media with the Clementis.

The attorney for Dharun Ravi, Tyler’s roommate who used a webcam to spy on him with another man, seems perplexed by the Clementis’ decision, however. Ravi was sentenced to 30 days in jail, of which he served 20, and three years of probation. At the time the Clementis thought his punishment was too light and subsequently rejected his apology as a publicity piece.

“Somebody should ask them why, why they would not take action against Rutgers University or my client,” said Steve Altman.

That question was already answered by the Clementi family attorney, Paul Mainardi.”The Clementi family made a considered decision to not pursue civil suits. They are devoting their energies to the positive work of the Tyler Clementi Foundation.”