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Tyler Clementi’s Accused Tormentors Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei Withdraw From Rutgers

Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei, the two students accused of colluding to live broadcast Tyler Clementi‘s intimate dorm room encounter, have withdrawn from Rutger University.

Wei, a pharmacy major, submitted a letter asking to “withdraw without prejudice,” relays her attorney. Ravi’s attorney says his client also withdrew this month, which will keep Ravi from facing disciplinary proceedings, effectively keeping their student records clean should they apply to other schools.

Both have been charged with two counts of invasion of privacy.

The Disappearance Of Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei: Tyler Clementi’s Bullies Have Gone Into Hiding

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  • Cam

    It happened while they were students, why wouldn’t the incident at least be noted on their files? That would be like somebody assaulting a woman outside a club then saying “Oh wait, I’m going to leave the state now.” and the police saying “Well ok young man, then since you are leaving, your record will remain clean.”

  • craig

    Shame on Rutgers for not throwing them out a week after this all happened.

    This Ravi dude looks like a clown – good riddance. Enroll in community college you two losers. We will remember you FOREVER.

  • meego

    Their records might be clean but we won’t forget. And neither will a whole lot of other people. This will follow them for a long time. If they have a conscience, which I doubt, but if they do, I hope it kills them, so to speak.

  • Soupy

    Just like Clint McCance, public shunning is the best revenge.

  • Wild Puss

    I happen to work at a major U.S. university. I would suspect that there are many Queerty readers who work in higher education, or at least have spouses, family or friends who do. Remember these names. When the applications come across your desk, pull out the “Rejected” stamp.

  • Scott in NYC

    You know…obviously we all feel terrible for Tyler Clementi. And, just as clear, is the fact that these two conducted a severe breach of privacy… a cruel one at that. But I have to say I do not wish them death, or a lifetime of horror in response. They did somethign stupid and shameful. They did not kill Tyler. As bad as what they did was, there was no way anyone could have predicted it would have driven Tyler to hurl himself off a bridge and tragically kill himself.

    It’s important not to let your emotions overtake your judgement. WE all feel awful for Tyler and his family and abhor what these two did. But the punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

  • meego

    @Scott in NYC: Yes, the punishment does fit the crime. Let these 2 assholes be an example.

    Would you have been satisfied if they had been given a mere slap on the wrist, as is often the case?

    Oh, you’re an idiot!

  • patrocles34

    Ravi and Wei’s lawyers are doing the job they have been paid [presumably quite well] to do: Clear their clients, with a minimum of consequences, by any means necessary.

    The coordinated withdrawal from Rutgers is completely of a piece with the highly-calculated, attorney-generated leaks of several weeks ago, which suggested that “friends” of Molly Wei report she “feels attacked.” (This time, Molly “it’s-all-about-me” is reported to “fear for her safety.” Why are we responsible for Molly’s feelings, anyway? Does “this promising young woman” take responsibility for ANYTHING in her life, at all?)

    It is also of a piece with the “shift-the-blame” counter-rally at Rutgers; the motives behind that rally are murky at best.

  • Meher Zaman

    Atleast they have their lives :(

  • Lou Dobbs

    Hopefully the both of them have returned to the third-world shitholes they came from.

  • richard ford

    I worked as a university administrator. Common practice is that, if an action or inquiry has been formally initiated against a student who subsequently withdraws, a notation is made on the student’s record describing the progress of that inquiry up to the point of withdrawal. Findings arrived at after the withdrawal are not included. However, persons who wish to pursue the issue to its ultimate conclusion may contact the university and request additional information, which may or may not be protected by law.
    In any event, the two students who victimized Tyler in this case will be subject to litigation (civil and/or criminal), and records of those actions will constitute a permanent black mark against them.

  • Chris

    They are up for criminal charges and they want to keep their academic records clean. Are str8 people the worst? A man took his life because of their actions and they are more interested in themselves. I’m also surprised that they have not been expelled. We’ll we can only hope that they are sent to prison and become someones bitch.

  • AdonisOfFire

    They shoudl withdraw from LIFE!

  • Avenger

    @Lou Dobbs: You racist prick.

  • Joe

    I hope that every single morning, they wake up to the vision of Tyler in their heads, and every night, they go to bed seeing his face and feeling his pain.

    I hope that when they graduate from college they remember, he never will.

    When they get married, and have children. They remember, that Tyler never will.

    When they look into the eyes of their children, I hope they fear that people like them never taunt their children, or play cruel and evil pranks on them like they did to Tyler.

    The best punishment for them is to have to live with the knowledge that they helped push Tyler over the edge, by being insensitive and cruel. They should be made to speak about their involvement occasionally, so that it doesn’t slip their minds ever.

    That is the ultimate punishment for them. I hope they have very long lives.

  • alex

    You can always sell your happy pills out of a hotel room, Wei bitch.

  • 0.02

    @14, agreed fighting ignorance with ignorance breeds only ignorance. What they did was wrong plain and simple but why should we stoop to their level? @16, umm forgetting about the guy up there or is your anger reserved for women only???

  • Revemupman

    They’re lucky, but I’m pretty sure this suicide is still haunting them at night. I just have a good feeling it is. Cause I know they didn’t expect the end game to be a suicide. And the horrible part is they had a huge part in pushing him off the ledge.

  • obiwan

    These two have essentially ruined their own lives with their despicable behavior. Their pictures and names are plastered everywhere. If I were interviewing one of these persons for a job I would ask them if they were involved in bullying to death that Rutgers University student, Tyler Clementi. It would not matter if it were twenty years from now. This would be a black mark on their resume. They have the mark of Cain. Shame on them!

  • Jeffee

    It goes even further. Human Resources departments routinely search out candidates for jobs online–including facebook, news, etc. Our school Career Services dept. sends out a newsletter every month and they cited interviews with HR people who said applicants for professional jobs (e.g., non-minimum wage posts) DO get the thumbs down when there are candidates with cleaner records.

    Obviously, they have to be careful about people whose names are common or where there are hearsay reports, etc., but the days when your resume was the only thing consulted are long gone.

    This pair of “evil neighbors” may soon be working at your local all-night burrito stand!

  • Samuel Robles

    There is a queer studies professor who has been championing these two bullies as some sore of victims of racism. Surely he will speak up and demand that these 2 victims be allowed to return to campus, perhaps with the university picking up the tab for a shiny new webcam.

    Queer studies academics and activists – from whom Queerty takes its name – are the worst sort of self-centered parasite. Cruel and completely selfish, they care primarily about posturing and posing as radicals and oppressed victims. They couldn’t give a fuck about Tyler Clementi or Billy Lucas or Asher Brown or any of the gays thrown out of the military or gay people in general. We follow them at our peril and any blog gthat names itself after them is suspect.

  • L.

    “Without prejudice”? Say what?

  • Jeffee

    @Samuel Robles:
    Do you have a source on who that “Queer Studies” professor is? Please provide a citation.

  • Billy the Shoe

    I think the moral of the story is that one should not take action that, if discovered, they could not conceive carrying the stigma attached to it. I’m pretty sure that, even as obviously disgusted as Tyler was with his choices that he simply couldn’t bear anyone knowing about it, once outed the shock waves would have been barely worth mentioning in today’s environment. If he still lived, he’d surely have already outlived any shame he’d have felt for it; there might still be twenty people in rural parts of the country this sort of thing would shock. But, that he decided to plug himself is no reason to ruin two people who likely did not record and broadcast him in order to prompt his suicide. And if that was their motive, it will be uncovered and they will justly be made to suffer horribly. Empty vengeance however will not undo deeds already cast and will also spawn yet another law drafted to protect the feeble, but in application will crush yet more freedom of expression. The right to privacy is very important, but only madmen would hang people for breech and trespass.

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