Tyler Clementi’s Brother Opens Up On AC360, Calling Brother “Brave” But Troubled

Tyler Clementi’s openly gay brother, James, has gone on national television to open up about his family’s tragedy. Watch out, it’s a tearjerker.

Said James, of Tyler’s decision to come out of the closet right before he left for Rutgers:

“I think he was being brave with the people around him by being honest about his sexuality. And I think he tried to be a strong person and an honest person, but it seems like he was punished for that forthrightness. And made to be a joke or laughingstock and I think that must have taken its toll on him, emotionally and mentally. I think that was a lot, and I don’t think he knew how to respond to that, and obviously he responded in the wrong way.”

Out published some of James’ letters to Tyler, and they are equally heartbreaking. Get the full story of what we know about Tyler Clementi’s suicide here. Sad, sad, sad.