Tyler McCormick, International Mr. Leather’s First Wheelchair-Rolling Trans Winner

Congratulations to Mr. Rio Grande Tyler McCormick of New Mexico, winner of the 32nd Annual International Mr. Leather, beating out Mr. San Francisco Lance Holman and Mr. Texas Leather Jack Andrew Duke. You might notice McCormick uses a wheelchair. You might not have noticed McCormick is also trans, becoming the first female-to-male IML winner.

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    He wheely has a lot of titles! :-p

  • Jimmi

    I am happy for him!

  • alex

    i want more info on this


    @Thomas Vinson: I know, but I simply could not resist!

  • Jon

    Good for him!

  • Fitz

    IML has become overrun by the PC police. It’s not fun, it’s not leather, it’s not sexy, it’s not family, and it’s certainly not lifestyle anymore. Between this and their “No BB porn vendors” new rule, I think they have cow toed to the wrong people.

  • Frozen North

    @Fitz: It’s kowtowed, not cow toed.

    But I agree with you on the rest, or at least the part where “leather” is really just men in fantasy drag pretending to be something that they are not. Oh, wait, then they’ve chosen the perfect representative.


  • Fitz

    @Frozen North: Thanks for the correction!

  • Tiger

    Fitz & Frozen:
    You’re right. IML is not family when people try to exclude people from the event on the basis of their trans status.

    You have a very narrow definition of “family.” That puts you in the same company as the Christian right-wing who is always trying to exclude someone from “family.”

    Protecting our leather family from HIV by banning bareback porn from a convention is not P.C. It’s a loving and caring thing to do. It sends a message that HIV and AIDS are still out there and that we still need to take care of each other.

    There is nothing more “leather” than showing that we need to love and care for each other!

  • WiseUp

    LOL. Nothing more Mad Max-masculine than a tranny in a wheelchair.

  • Ryan M

    IML is pretty bland and PC now. You have to go underground to find real leather men these days. Masculine blokes who play and who don’t give a [email protected]#! about the sash wearers. Tribe has nothing to do with a sash, gents. If you are interested in leather and think it might be for you, don’t go down the sash route. It ain’t what it’s really all about. Cheers.

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