Tyler Oakley Reveals What He’d Like To Do To Zac Efron And Nick Jonas

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YouTube personality Tyler Oakley has a busy schedule these days. Between managing his 7 million online subscribers, touring the world holding animal onesie-clad slumber parties for fans, writing a memoir and prepping for the release of his documentary, Snervous, the 27-year-old has quite the full plate.

But that doesn’t mean he’s all work and no play, and sometimes even the busiest people just, well, want someone to sit on their face. Specifically Zac Efron. Or Nick Jonas.

In a recent interview for the soon-to-be-shuttered Details magazine, Oakley fielded all sorts of curveball questions, from eating disorders to internet narcissism. The good-natured entertainer handled each with sincerity, humor and a dash of self-awareness — qualities that have surely helped him become as popular as he is.

Then there was this question: “In one of your YouTube videos from 2012, you begged Zac Efron to sit on your face. So how did that work out for you?”

Here’s how Oakley responded:

“Oh, my God! These questions are amazing, by the way, I am like living right now. No, I never heard from Zac about that. Unfortunately! That is so funny because it feels like such a different time when I made that video. I look back on it and I don’t regret it. But I’m like: What was I up to? I was very busy, obviously.”

Nobody should ever be too busy to have someone sit on their face. There’s a campaign slogan we can get behind.

Tyler then revealed his current celebrity crush to be Nick Jonas — you and everyone else, Tyler.

It begged the followup: “Obviously, you would not mind if Nick Jonas sat on your face.”

“You know, I don’t know if I can comment on that,” said Oakley.

Your “no comment” is comment enough. Wink wink.