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Tyler Posey puckering up, Jordy’s ‘absolute’ jam & more: Your weekly bop roundup

Jordy, Tyler Posey, and Wrabel.

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend, readers.

As the days start to get longer again, the cold is slowly but surely melting off. It’s been a hot week, honestly: Adam DiMarco’s “demon twink” moment had folks feeling ecstatic, that Bad Bunny/Gael García Bernal kiss was movie magic, and Tom Daley showed out with a “behind” the scenes look at his workouts.

Naturally, this week’s tunes have to be hot, too! We’ve got a were-hunk, a couple saucy sadboys, a funky nonbinary flex, and more.

From Kesha’s bestie to a single that’s zesty, welcome to your weekly bop roundup!

“Lemon” by Tyler Posey


Our resident sexually fluid Teen Wolf lead has had a little bit of a “the show must go all over the place” musical journey, but his fans (the real ones who weren’t just sticking around in the hopes of an OnlyFans resurgence) are along for the ride. His new video shows off his flair for riding the line between serious and silly — or rather, plays with both side-by-side. Dropping a new song the same night as the new Teen Wolf movie might get this overshadowed a bit, but his ride-or-dies are bopping along.

“Story of a Boy” by Jordy

Did not except a resurgence of the ’00s band Nine Days in the 2020s, but that’s the cyclical nature of art! Last year, their hit “Absolutely (Story of a Girl)” was woven throughout the smash hit film Everything, Everywhere, All At Once. Now, Queerty Music Video nominee Jordy has given the track another boost by reimagining it from a gay point of view — hence, “Story of a Boy.” The sound has been updated from the original garage band of it all, but the essence is still evident.

“happier” by Wrabel

Wrabel, the queer songwriting heavyweight behind songs from folks like Kesha, Tori Kelly, and Years and Years (as well as his own LGBTQ+ anthem “The Village”) is gearing up for his next solo project, and the pen is already hitting. “happier” is our first taste of the upcoming “chapter of me” EP due out April 24 via Big Gay Records, and it’s sure to give you what would’ve once been referred to as “all of the feels”. Him being adorable throughout the video is just a bonus!

“Matcha Tea (Remix) by Cassidy King ft. WRENN

Remember when Troye remixed his divorce album lead “Easy” with Kacey Musgraves providing an opposite view of a breakup? Here, rising singer Cassidy King enlists tech pop star WRENN to do the same — this time, as opposite views of the same break. It’s smooth, it’s sentimental, it’s sapphic; what more can you want?

“I’m Not Here To Make Friends” by Sam Smith

We referred Calvin Harris’ Funk Wav content just last week, and lo and behold, who should turn up but Calvin Harris with a Funk Wav beat! This time, it’s underscoring one of the more purely pop tracks we’ve ever gotten from Sam Smith once again joined by Jessie Reyez. With Reyez on their new album Gloria three different times, Smith has to officially identify as a stan of hers. It’s certainly not uncalled for! P.S. the RuPaul intro has to have clinched them a guest judge spot on whatever Rupaul’s Drag Race season films next.

Join us next week for another Bop After Bop!