Tyler Posey Strips Down To Underwear, Gets Wet For Charity

tyler-posey-dunk-tankTeen Wolf stud Tyler Posey revealed most of his tattoos on yesterday’s episode of Ellen, stripping down to a pair of bright pink boxer briefs before getting soaked in Ellen’s charitable dunk tank.

The 22-year-old actor was on hand to help raise money for breast cancer research in honor of his mother, a breast cancer survivor. In addition to stripping down and grabbing his bulge, Posey donated $10,000 to breast cancer charities after being dunked by singer P!nk, who runs right up to the dunk tank’s bullseye to make sure he didn’t leave it dry.

He says he “may have like 17 or 18” tattoos, most of which are “below the waist.” See if you can spot them all in the clip below: