Tyler Posey Talks Gay Subplots, Saving Lives On MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’

tyler-posey-shirtless-teen-wolf-2Just in time for next Monday’s highly-anticipated season 4 premiere of Teen Wolf, TV Line is taking a look back and revealing some personable DVD extras included in the season 3 box set, now available for purchase.

In the series of interviews posted at TV Line, the cast talks about how the show’s fans have turned it into a full-fledged phenomenon, and how certain themes in the storyline give back to the audience.

Tyler Posey, an actor involved in one the series’ several applauded LGBT plots, says some of the most touching stories come from LGBT fans who’ve found safety in the show. “We get a lot of fans who have touching stories,” he says. “You know, they say Teen Wolf has almost saved their life. The fact that we emphasize the gay storyline on the show has made a lot of people come to terms with the fact that, you know, it’s OK to be gay.”

Check out the full feature over at TV Line, and while you’re at it, check out the Teen Wolf homoerotic supercut to refresh your memory:

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  • barkomatic

    I was a little disappointed to read elsewhere that Stiles won’t be having a gay fling in the coming season. They danced around his sexuality for awhile — suggesting he might be bisexual or at least “questioning” but he’s got a girlfriend in the next season apparently.

    The gay characters in the show are great, but they have minor roles. A major gay character in a show like this would be awesome.

  • Sparkyu1

    Tyler Posey’s going to be involved in one of the gay subplots? That surprises me – so far they’ve kept the main characters straight

  • Niall

    @Sparkyu1: Involved doesn’t necessarily mean taking part in, especially knowing how Teen Wolf loves to gay bait.

  • ethan_kho

    @barkomatic: i agree, i want Stiles and Derek. ha!

  • barkomatic

    @ethan_kho: Sterek!

  • masc4masc

    MTV is pretty much gay now, way more gay-oriented than Logo.

  • mz.sam

    Teen Wolf seriously needs to expand the gay character storylines.

  • Plugz

    Awww Tyler Posey, how ignorant can you get at times?

    Emphasize, as in all the less than 5 minutes on an episode of it? (Which they could’ve taken from all the stupendous amount of slow motion that they use)

  • BillMcD09

    I appreciate this as well. Its nice to see that SOME people recognize that the “gay aspect” shouldn’t even be an issue. Amd it will be Stiles and myself together. So there. (Provided that Ethan doesnt sweep me up before hand now that he and Danny are broken up) Hey I can dream right?

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