Typhoid Mary Of HIV Admits To Trying To Infect Thousands Of Partners

In what’s probably the most horrible thing we’ve heard in months, a HIV+ man in Michigan turned himself in to authorities last week and confessed to sleeping with 3,000 men and women and, according to police reports, “intentionally attempt[ing] to spread the disease to kill people.”

As it stands, David Dean Smith, 51, has only been arraigned on two counts of penetrating a partner who did not know he was positive.  One female victim, who met Smith on Yahoo! Personals, told MSNBC he was a “sociopath” and a predator. ‘He hits [on] drifters. He hits people who are young. He hits young women, and from what I understand, he hits men, too,” she added.

It’s unclear whether Smith’s lawyers will attempt an insanity defense: Sexual penetration with HIV is considered a felony in Michigan but Smith had recently been remanded to a mental hospital Smith after several suicide attempts. (Files from the hospital indicate he is “sexually aroused by causing pain to females.”)

Attorney Richard Zambon told the network that he plans on “exploring all options” in his client’s defense. “I am concerned about his mental health.”

We can only hope that Smith is as delusional as he is fugly and has inflated the number of his conquests.

On another note, clearly this man needs to be removed from society—but are “HIV+ penetration” laws the greater danger? Share your thoughts in the comments.