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What was the ‘most typical gay teen thing’ you ever did? Redditors say…

A guy recently asked the users of the r/askgaybros subbreddit to name the “most typical gay teen thing” they ever did. And bro, did the commenters deliver relatable responses, even if they weren’t so “typical.” Here are some highlights from the thread, edited for clarity.

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  • “Mine was being obsessed with Glee and having a massive crush on my straight best friend, the object of my virginal fantasies.”
  • “Having a huge number of girl friends and having my guy friends call me a ‘player.’ LMAO, if only they knew.”
  • “Being the quiet kid in the back of the classroom.”
  • “Go to a Sufjan Stevens concert alone.”
  • “I used to make a fake account on MySpace because I wasn’t out yet. Catfishing before I knew what that was, LOL.”
  • “Be obsessed with Lady Gaga, be nominated for the ‘best dressed’ superlative and be friends with all the bitchy popular girls.”
  • “Crushing on every straight male friend I had because they were nice to me.”
  • “Me and my best friend did a dance routine to Britney Spears’ ‘Stronger’ for a school talent show.”
  • “Clearly, I out-age many of you, but I was walking around belting THE Diva, a.k.a. Whitney at the top of my lungs. Then my balls dropped and I got my James Earl Jones voice.”

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Et tu? Hit up the comment section below with your exemplars of teen gayness.