Tyra Sanchez Assaulted, Cut By Security Guard At Virginia Beach Gay Bar

tyra-sanchez-arrestedMiss Tyra Sanchez is serving prison fish in her mugshot, which TMZ has posted today along with a report that the Drag Race season 2 winner was allegedly assaulted by a security guard at the venue where she was signing autographs.

Tyra (James Ross) tells TMZ that she was “suddenly slammed to the ground” recently by a security guard for being involved in some kind of altercation with a “heckler.”

She claims that the assault left her with a cut to the head, a sprained shoulder, and bruises on her face.

According to Tyra:

Tyra Sanchez tells TMZ he was signing autographs at the Rainbow-Cactus Company in Virginia Beach a few weeks ago … when a guy in the crowd started heckling him.

Tyra claims he approached the man to try to calm the situation, but a security guard for the venue suddenly grabbed him, slammed him to the ground, and cuffed him … though he eventually let him go.

Tyra says she plans to “take legal action against the guard.” Apparently she tried to file charges against the venue on Monday, but was arrested on a warrant at the police station. These are the photos she’s supplied TMZ (and presumably the police) with:


This apparently isn’t Tyra’s first time at the Rainbow-Cactus Company. There’s video of her mopping the bar’s stage with dollar bills back in January:

Photos: TMZ/Logo TV