Tyra Takes On Hate


We’ve just seen yesterday’s episode of The Tyra Banks Show on which Kevin Aviance (looking fab, we must say) tearfully recalled his attack and Shirley Phelps Roper (daughter of everyone’s favorite homophobic monster, Fred Phelps) explained that Tyra’s a fag-enabler. Tyra, of course, was none too pleased and proceeded to get into an argument with Shirley about how she wouldn’t argue with her. (Hey, she’s a model, what do you want?)


Is it us or does Shirley look a little too excited to be on Tyra? She’s either thinking she’s totally made it, cumming in her pants over the millions of homos she’s about to piss off, or is attempting to send death rays through the television. Either way you cut it, it’s one of the most disturbing things we’ve ever seen. And we’ve seen a lot of disturbing things…

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  • mr. magoo

    really, that bitch is crazy! (well tyra is as well), but why is everyone giving her airtime to spout her insane and inane shit? they’re only giving her what she wants by letting her have a public forum to reach the masses.

  • cory

    I agree, Mr. Magoo. What country do you think we are living in? Ratings, Gossip, Viewers = $$$ .

    I don’t think she’ll convert many, maybe if they keep showing her someone will finally expire her.

  • chromatic

    I am really appalled that Tyra would give Crazy McGodHatesFags airtime at all, but I am speechless that she did so on the same show in which she invites Kevin Aviance to discuss his attack. It’s tasteless, base. It’s almost like Tyra isn’t a serious journalist at ALL.

  • smallfry

    I actually like it when those wingnuts get airtime – they always sound SO incredibly stupid and make absolutly no sense and I think the airtime shows people how really off the wall these whack-jobs are. Their arugments don’t even make sense!

    And, doesn’t the bible say somewhere ‘Thou shalt not judge”? Since I’m not a christian, I can safely that they are whacked out bitches on smack, but if they were following their religion they wouldn’t be able to say dick (pun intentended) about my cock-sucking.

  • MissE

    I couldn’t even watch the clip all the way through. I don’t understand how anyone who claims to follow the teaching of Jesus can spout such hate and loathing. I mean, there was a guy who was into acceptance of all, talking about loving people and treating them with respect… how can teaching children to hate and to kill people simply because you don’t like their sexual orientation fit in with that? But then there is a great deal about the behaviours of our species that puzzles me, so why should an ignorant woman spewing such hate and drivel and claiming that it is because God says she should be any different?

    I agree with cory – it’s all about ratings. Sad truth of the modern world – if it’s hate, it rates… right up next to that “if it bleeds, it leads” cliche.

    Who knows, maybe we’ll grow up one day as a species and it won’t matter anymore what colour your skin is, what size you are, what gender you are, what your heritage is, what beliefs you hold, or who you choose to love/screw/sleep with/root/whatever… maybe… I hope.

  • Jason

    Tyra Bank is impressive as a talk show host!
    I m surprised.

  • MT

    Tyra, baby… you can’t talk to the Phelps clan like they’re rational human beings. They’re totally and utterly brainwashed! I appreciate the idea behind trying to give them a chance to defend themselves, but any gay man can tell you that no good’s going to come of it.

    At the very least, every person watching the show got to see just how ugly the Westboro clan is. Face it — they’re your bedfellows if you believe there’s a moral argument against homosexuality.

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