Tyson Beckford Grinds, Jack Laugher Sails & Zac Efron Gets Hot This Week On Instagram

There are still no arrests in Philly’s horrific gay-bashing incident, Nick Jonas wants to be your boyfriend, and Bryan Silva is still famous. So check out of reality for a moment and check up on what our favorite Instagram users are up to this week.

Tyson Beckford danced, and now we may be pregnant.

Olympic babe Blake Skjellerup proved just how crazy Friday nights get in the Skjellerup-Carrasco household. Sign us up!

Robbie Rogers bought a new house in LA.

Twerk king Julian Serrano got caught in the chair he was twerking on.

Ricky Martin previewed his new single “Adios”.

Colton Haynes hung out with gays. Again.

Colton Haynes was arousing the gays. Again.

Zac Efron is so hot, he literally climbed inside an air duct to cool down.

Latrice Royale and Jennifer Hudson shared the stage.

Alex Minsky cropped his photos a little more conservatively than he has in the past.

Tom Daley debuted shots from his new fall campaign for adidas NEO. We can’t tell if he’s cuter with clothes or without.

Johnny Weir slayed with a new “Wrecking Ball” routine.

How long do you think these men will remain married?

Leg day (days ending with “y”) for Harry Louis!

Jack Laugher took to the open sea. Quick, somebody make a seaman joke!

For the 1,000th time, Terry Miller officially achieved #daddy status.

Andy Cohen and gbff Anderson Cooper hung with riotous entertainer Bridget Everett.

And of course, Babs finally embraced #tbt.