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Tyson Beckford Would Sleep With Barack Obama. And the President Would Be the Bottom

Bless you, America, not only for watching Bravo’s late night chat fest Watch What Happens, but for also calling into the show and asking Make Me A Supermodel host Tyson Beckford who, if he had to spend a night with a man, it would be. “Well, I don’t actually go that way,” Beckford says, “but I notice a lot of people think I do.” (Us too.) But if I’ma do it, I’m going for Obama. If I got with him, I could run the country. If I was that way, yeah, Obama.” Asks an incredulous Andy Cohen: “You would give it to Obama?” Beckford: “Yeah, I’d be the one in control. … Who you gonna go for? Will Smith? Somebody pretty like that?”

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  • alan brickman

    I want to be president right now!!

  • Hmmm

    If I could get in the middle of that, I could die happy.

  • Mike L

    HAHAHAHA LOL I’d love a dvd!

    And was Cohen just about to ask him if for 1Mil he’d model for She by Sheere?!! LOL I didn’t watch the show but I’d hope he said no lol.

  • Jason

    Ahem, the POTUS bottoms now.

    You just KNOW Michelle is a big top!

  • Trey

    Andy Cohen has a really long tongue

  • ggreen

    Tyson so wants to be RuPaul.

  • tavdy79

    I feel jealous. I soooo can’t imagine anyone wanting to go there with either of my nation’s leaders (Queen Elizabeth & Gordon Brown).

  • The Milkman

    Uh huh. Like the President of the United States is gonna give up his chocolate star to some model turned reality show host? Please. If anyone’s legs go in the air, my money is on Miss Beckford’s.

  • Kbutterum

    Is this under the assumption he hasn’t slept with a man?

  • Phoenix (Mad, Bad, Fabulous To Know)

    Pfft! The president of the U.S. bottoming? Dream on, Ty Ty! He’s the commander-in-chief of armed forces, leader of the free world, chief of state, chief of the executive branch. In other words, Ms. Beckman, he’s the top of all tops and when he enters the Lincoln bedroom you, sir, drop trous & bend over! Barack Obama bottom for some trifling model! HAH!!!

  • Joey

    Phoenix sweetie, you seem angry. I think heading to a bathhouse to “release your anger” would do some good.

  • blackjack44

    WOW. How could you possibly even answer that question and still call yourself straight tyson? no straight man on television would say they would have sex with another man in a “what if” situation because straight guys have too much pride and dont want people to have the slightest inclination they may be gay. But saying you would fuck Obama on TV? Tyson Beckford, you just showed the world how gay you really are. Thanks for the public coming out party!

  • me

    whoever bottoms this thought really has me preoccupied

  • Mountainword

    I bet Cohen gives a mean rimjob with that tongue.

  • Giovanni

    Sorry, my brothers, I know Tyson and though he is extremely gay friendly (and even more beautiful/charming in person) he is not gay. And while its skeevey to constantly hit on ones straight friends- a boy can still dream…

    Between Tyson and Antonio Sabato Jr, Cohen must have been doing some serious shvitzing.

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