The naked truth

Tyson Beckford’s Chippendales wardrobe malfunction leaves little to the imagination

Wardrobe malfunctions are real. Wardrobe malfunction happen. And they can happen to you.

Buttons pop. Sleeves tear. Towels flop off, revealing a liberal slathering of baby oil, your curiously well-proportioned physique, and… a lot can happen.

A lot does happen.

Model and newly-minted Chippendales dancer Tyson Beckford knows this firsthand.

During a recent show, shortly after basically decking a female audience member in the face with his penis, his towel imperceptibly slipped — and some leering creepos happened to have their cameras on.

Their footage has now become a series of GIFs — and now we’re sharing those GIFs with you, our judicious readers.

Please be responsible with them.