U Of Pitt Flushes Plan To Allow Trans Students To Use Bathroom Of Choice

If you’re a transgender student at the University of Pittsburgh and you gotta “go”, you’re either going to have to hold it in or find a Starbucks: Pitt administrators have rejected a recommendation by the Anti-Discriminatory Policies Committee (ADPC) to allow students to occupy bathrooms based on their gender identity.

Pittsburgh city law forbids discrimination on the basis of gender identity or expression but, on March 20, the school announced it was sticking to gender-policed toilets. Unsurprisingly, activists are pissed:

“The university is ignoring their equal access statement by actively discriminating against and creating a hostile environment for transgender students,” Pennsylvania Student Equality Coalition Deputy Director and Pitt student Joy Horner said. “We call on the University to redact this medieval policy—to force transgender students to provide a birth certificate to use the bathroom. We must work on improving the campus for transgender students by adding trans-inclusive policies and providing gender-neutral bathrooms and housing.”

The University of Pennsylvania, on the other hand, has tackled the problem by increasing the number of gender-neutral bathrooms. We’re glad at least administrators at Penn are doing their duty.