U.S. District Judge Prevents Kansas From Becoming Back Alley Abortion Capitol Of The U.S.

While some vaginas prefer a good backhand when it calls for it, the Kansas legislature’s attempt to eliminate funding for family planning clinics like Planned Parenthood totally missed their target. U.S. District Judge J. Thomas Marten granted a preliminary injunction that put a screeching halt on a law that would have forced the organization to shut down one of only three branches in the state.

Kansas is no North Carolina, where women are forced to feel guilt for their right to choose before having an abortion. But what Kansas lacks in Pavlovian technique it makes up for in stupidity and lots of backpedaling.

Without the injunction, Planned Parenthood would have lost $330,000 a year in federal funding and its 5,700 patients would’ve lost access to lots of health services. Kansas currently has only one licensed abortion clinic in the entire state, a sad fact that’s enraging all on its own, especially for citizens forced to undergo illegal and botched abortions simply because they have no other options.

Of course the state denied any direct targeting of Planned Parenthood after Judge Marten’s decision, but the facts are as clear as a stripper’s heels. In fact, Kansas lawmakers prematurely gloated about the bill’s passing on Twitter. Maybe it’s easier to sum up victory over vaginas in less than 140 characters than it is to know anything about them firsthand.

At least there is hope for women with private medical insurance coverage seeing as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services just agreed to cover all contraceptive and reproductive care. But considering the fact this is the second time this year that Kansas legislature has passed this bill, we hope Judge Marten keeps that backhand strong.