U.S. Drops Charges Against Ex-Gay Kidnapper’s Alleged Accomplice

In 2000 Janet Jenkins married Lisa Miller, the biological mother of a 7-year-old girl named Isabella. After their divorce in 2003, Miller moved to Virginia with Isabella, joined an evangelical church, began reading books on ex-gay therapy, “became” heterosexual and refused to ever let Jenkins see her daughter again. Then in 2009, a court awarded full custody to Jenkins as the only way to ensure child visitation rights and Miller kidnapped her daughter and fled to Nicaragua.

The U.S. government authorities initially suspected that a non-relative of Miller’s named Timothy “Timo” Miller played a significant role in Isabella’s kidnapping. But today they dropped all charges against the Mennonite missionary for “his agreement to cooperate with the investigation of the United States government, including an agreement to return to the United States and to provide truthful testimony as requested in any proceedings” in the high-profile kidnapping case. They also gave him back his passport. Any chance he knows where Isabella is?