UAE Royal Guilty For Striking Man He Fancied

The Sheik needs to keep it in his pants. His belt, that is. A Swiss court found Sheik Falah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan guilty of “inflicting bodily harm” for whipping American Silvano Orsi with a belt in 2003.

You may recall that Al Nahyan, whose brother rules the United Arab Emirates, and Orsi first crossed paths in a hotel bar, where Al Nahyan sent him over a bottle of champagne.

Orsi, an American from Rochester, New York, refused the gift and Al Nahyan then came over, sat on his lap and fondled him. When the man resisted, the Sheik flew into a rage and began hitting him with his belt. The sheik, who claims he’s innocent in the assault, but not the belt removal, will now have to pay 10,000 Swiss francs and Orsi’s court costs.

The American described yesterday’s ruling as a “landmark decision” and sent us the following message:

My barbaric opponent can now associate himself with all the other common criminals and delinquents that break the law, get convicted for it, and who do not understand the civilized concept of respecting an individual’s human and civil rights.

Oris, who also holds an Italian passport, would now like the United States President and the Italian Prime Minister to pressure the UAE government to issue a full apology. That, we think, is not bloody likely.

We’ve included Orsi’s other histrionic remarks, after the jump…

* We are truly savoring this landmark decision and this is a very joyous moment for us as a proud American family. I’ve waited patiently for 5 years for this happy day and immense victory. I fought hard, with little help, going back and forth overseas alone to fight for my rights in a far-away land. But in the end we did it – and we won, and won well.

* I battled for 5 long years for my rights, like a roaring lion whose space and territory had been invaded. Yes, I struggled at times, sacrificing a part of my life and youth, fighting for the real truth to come out. And although I remain with permanent scars inside and out, I tried to remain focused, and I did whatever was necessary to preserve my family’s honor and good name, as a ‘grand gentleman’ with dignity and class.

* This is a great lesson, and in its own way, the judgment is one small step in the fight against hypocrisy in the world, and one giant leap for democracy and equality for all people under the law.

* Now that a top UAE Sheikh of the Emirates ruling royal family has been fully convicted of intentionally assaulting a US – Italian citizen, I respectfully request and make a formal appeal via this statement, that President Bush, Secretary Rice, and Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi request a full explanation and a formal written apology from the UAE government and this barbarian sheikh, for what he has done. I have every faith and confidence, with great respect for their high authority, that my country’s leaders will continue to discharge their Constitutional obligations to afford all US and Italian citizens Equal Protection under the law, and defend me as a respectable fellow national.

* My family and I are very thankful to the Swiss Authorities for this historic judgment, and very grateful for the support of the Italian and U.S. authorities. Most of all, we thank GOD and my outstanding lawyer Mr. Alec Reymond, and his entire team at Keppler and Associates in Geneva. We will be filing a civil case and we will make the decisions on its contents and possible jurisdictions in the very near future. For right now, I will enjoy this happy moment, and celebrate this immense victory with my family and close friends.