Uber Driver Fired For Refusing To Let Gay People In His Car

pakistani-cab-driverA Parisian driver for the car service Uber was reportedly fired this week for refusing to pick up gay passengers leaving a gay club in the heart of Paris. Twice!

French daily Le Parisien reports that Julien Léo Pasktier and a friend requested a car from the Uber app whilst leaving a Parisian club on Saturday night. According to Pasktier, once the driver arrived, he refused to let the two men in his car, claiming “I don’t take gays.”

The driver returned moments later when the men attempted to hail a different cab from the Uber app. This time, the men took a picture of the driver’s license plate and were threatened. Pasktier says the driver threatened to break his phone and later, realizing what he had done, offered the friends a ride home in a confrontational manner.

Pasktier took to Twitter:

(Translated via the Local: No, I don’t take gays. @Uber_Paris thank you to your driver plate number CSM759DM3 5:57am who refused our trip because it wasn’t up to his taste)

Uber responded, citing their zero-tolerance policy for discrimination. The driver was suspended:

(Translated via the Local: @Lucas_Hrrschr Hello Luca, this unacceptable behavior is absolutely not representative of the spirit of Uber. The driver has been suspended.)

And later fired:

(Translated via the Local: @MaXawauf @Lucas_Hrrschr I can confirm the driver will fired. We don’t joke around with this.)

Apparently this driver missed the memo on discriminating against potential fares. Hint: You can’t do that.