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  • maverick69

    That my dear friends, is the path leading to….


  • Mr. B

    Attention whore much? Seriously, the cops were way out of line. However, so was Andrew Meyers. In the wake of Mostafa Tabatabainejad’s rise to YouTube fame after getting tasered at UCLA, any activist should know what police are going to do if you violently resist arrest (which he was doing). The news reports that Meyers promised the cops he would leave if they let him go, but in the video, he did that while continuing to scream and kick and punch. Seriously, if you think the way to get out of your cuffs is to violently resist arrest, you are an idiot. Smart kid like that, it’s more likely he wanted to create a ruckus in the name of freedom and democracy. He’s a journalism student, too. He knew damn well what would happen from the moment the cops approached, but since he wasn’t done making his point, he chose to steal the show.

    Also, what was Kerry supposed to do? A university is its own jurisdiction, so it’s not like Kerry had any kind of authority to make the officers stop. He actually attempt to answer Meyers’s question (listen carefully) as Meyers was being led out–while Meyers proceeded to disrupt the speech and make it all about him.

  • Jack Jett

    You are right it is becoming more and more like communism.

    I am a big fan of John Kerry but he wimped out on this.

    The slime ball pigs over reacted.

    Kerry should speak up.
    Jack Jett

  • ProfessorVP

    There is no way in the world Kerry would answer Meyer’s question about the Skull & Crossbones Society, to which Kerry and Bush are both members. What Meyer was getting at is that Kerry and Bush were in collusion- the fix was already on. Meyer also questioned Kerry about why he (Kerry) didn’t challenge the obvious corruption in Ohio, where 2004 was stolen. Again, it looked like Kerry and Bush were in cahoots, that both members of the Skull & Crossbones secret society had a pact.

  • jobradfield

    All I know is that this video has gotten my political hackles raised, and my conspiracy antennae tingling.

  • whatever

    Wow. That’s outrageous. I just emailed the University of Florida police department ([email protected]) and John Kerry ([email protected]) to express my outrage.

  • Dawster

    I have to agree with Mr. B. this kid is already wildly known for constantly seeking attention. maybe he was abused as a child, i don’t know – but he’s nothing more than a glorified Bart Simpson or a female stripper crying “will you pay attention to me now, daddy? will you love me now??”

    in watching the whole video, he really didn’t do anything to deserve the reaction of the police. John Kerry WANTED to answer the question and at first tried to calm everything down verbally.

    the police started moving in, and then didn’t back down (maybe from pride – but it wasn’t out of security). what was Kerry suppose to do? jump off stage?

    the kid made it worse because he had a complete lack of respect for the police, yelling and such. for the record, i think the police were totally wrong in this case… using entirely WAY too much force.

    so, while the little brat sits in jail he can continue his annoying cycle. does daddy pay attention to you now?? will he love you now??

    no… no he won’t. cuz your a complete insignificant bonehead.

  • tman

    Give me a break. The kid was grandstanding, he was not asking a question, he was lecturing Kerry and disrupting the event. He wouldn’t listen to the cops and so they forceably removed him. I’m astounded upon reading these responses, everyone screaming “VICTIM” “Communism”… how ridiculous. And what would you have Kerry do exactly? Throw himself into a fracas he had nothing to do with creating, thus causing more a scene than this self-serving imbecile already has?

  • hisurfer

    “Help! Help! I’m being oppressed!”
    I think the cops just did their jobs with this one. I really didn’t see any undue force – they reacted with the appropriate amount for the situation.

    (and before anyone jumps, I’ve been hit by cops before, so I know what security looks like when it goes out of control. These cops were in control the whole time).

  • Dawster

    they should have (1) explained to him what the problem is… i.e. “dude, you’re making a scene… ask your question or leave.” (2) come back again with verbal warnings… i.e. “you’re making an ass out of yourself. ask an appropriate question or we will escort you outside.”

    two verbal warnings as a means of escalation and to give the guy a chance to correct himself (i think we all know he was still going to be an ass… but still).

    THEN immediately whisk the kid out of sight and out of the building so his toxic stupidity can be shut down AT ONCE. do no sit there, take him down without warning… push and prod him, take him to the ground slowly, tazer him, and let him play victim. it was handled wrong wrong wrong.

    and this comes from someone also taken down by police for doing nothing. the police were showing arrogance. it’s a very common problem.

  • Mr. B

    Yeah, Dawster, I think that’s mainly what was on my mind when I said the cops were out of line. It was handled badly, in that whoever cut the mic as well as the cops themselves escalated the situation by jumping right to the most dramatic solution. The kid is a known rabble-rouser and that was a good time for the mod to step in and say something like, “Let Mr. Kerry answer your question, we are running out of time.” The next step is to ask him to leave, the NEXT step is to cut the mic, and then, when he continued to mouth off, escort him out. I know he was fighting them pretty hard, but seriously, get the little bastard out of the building where he’s no longer the center of attention and then see how long he continues to fight.

    “Help, help! I’m a privileged white college boy whose freedom of speech is being oppressed because I’m attempting to hijack a paid speaker’s presentation!”

  • hisurfer

    The kid started screaming the minute the cops touched him. It makes the rest of his theatrics difficult to believe.

    I knew too many guys like this in college. Anyone want to lay money that he’ll soon by lecturing undergrads on police brutality & how he was oppressed just like all the brothers and sisters in Tibet/Chiapas/Baghdad/South Central or wherever?

  • Mr. B

    Little bastard was screaming before they touched him. Seriously, I’ll say it again–he wanted it to go that way.

    Heh, I knew guys like him in college too. They were very fond of wearing bandannas over their faces and screaming into bullhorns outside of the library and competing with each other for longer arrest records. You know, all in the name of “demonstration.”

  • hisurfer

    The first time I was arrested for civil disobedience I was completely disappointed in some of my fellow cellblock residents. We’d read Thoreau, and we purposefully broke the law knowing full well what the result would be. We blocked access to the Federal Building, so of course we were going to jail. No question. And yet too many of them used our arrest as evidence that we were living in a police state.

    So it is with this guy. If you’re going to be an asshole and act up, fine – but admit it. Civil disobedience is worthless if you just cry like a little victim when you get the reaction you wanted. Send this kid over to Larry Kramer for some training.

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