UFC President Dana White Screams ‘Fag’ But Didn’t Mean to Offend Anyone

We’ll make this clear up front: We don’t know much about Ultimate Fighting Championship, except there are fewer rules and more opportunities to get the shit kicked out of you than in, say, boxing. But then UFC president Dana White — yes, the leader of the organization — had to renew every stereotype of bigotry you might assume his organization would harbor.

After a Wednesday report by Loretta Hunt of about new credentialing rules for fighters’ handlers that quoted anonymous sources, White unleashed a slur-laden YouTube response — because, again, THIS IS HOW AMERICA HOLDS DISCOURSE NOW — filled with derogatory terms for the mentally challenged, gays, and assholes. (He dared refer to assholes as “sleazebags.” The audacity!)

White, in the YouTube video, said the story was “absolutely . . . retarded,” and called Hunt “a . . . moron,” explaining a UFC fighter “gets so many credentials,” and can distribute them to whomever the fighter chooses. White noted that when he used to manage Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz, he would buy his own tickets to UFC events before being hired by Zuffa executives Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta.

White added that some fighters’ managers are “dirty . . . sleazebags” and said the premise of Hunt’s story was flawed and criticized her use of unidentified sources.

In the video, White also used a derogatory term for a homosexual. [LAT]

White, supposedly, “expressed remorse” for the video, and said he “never intended to hurt the gay community.” Hah! No, but really, he’s sorry! Watch!

He supports gay issues! He only attacks people who attack him! He would never attack someone because of their sexual orientation!

Way to break the stereotype of muscle head jock guys who throw around the word “fag” without actually meaning to offend anyone.

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  • osocubano

    Excessive sniffing of jockstraps will cause some men to lose all self control…

  • Alec

    The NY Times did a profile piece on an openly gay UFC fighter who lives with his boyfriend down in SoCal. I find it very hard to believe he is the only one. For my part, my only concern with UFC is that for some inexplicable reason it sometimes finds its way onto the Sci Fi channel.

  • The Gay

    His name is DANA for god’s sake … it doesn’t get more fag than that!

  • Attmay

    Well I don’t mean to offend you when I call you a stupid breeder pig fucker.

  • Phil

    What is UFC if it isn’t partially nude guys dry humping each other?

  • BrianZ

    Whatever. I hate the word faggot. I’ve said this before. However, dude stood up and made his apology when really who would have cared if he hadn’t? I think it took more balls for him to put the apology out there and to make it clear that queer bashing isn’t cool than it did to call someone a faggot in the first place. We’ve accepted the shaft from more important people with less of a hissy fit, yes?

  • mb00

    hmm…but he’s name is Dana, guess he’s got masculinity issues so he’s gotta take out on someone.

  • Geoff

    @Attmay: you hit the nail on the head….and very funny too.

  • nn333

    fuck you faggots. bunch of soft living idealistic fairies. good for you Dana

  • Phoenix (Say Hallo To My Leetle Friend!)

    @ NN333,

    He apologized, licked our asses, and made nice….so who’s idealistic? Huh? Oh, and no offense, but we wouldn’t fuck you with a borrowed dick, sweetie.

  • dgz

    silver lining, friends: he felt compelled to apologize. sincere or not, that’s a demonstration of progress.

    p.s. try taking a shot every time the f-bomb drops in vid 1. wow.

  • fuck you

    fuck all of you fags

  • strumpetwindsock

    @fuck you:
    Well that’s a gung-ho attitude.. but maybe you should at least buy us a drink first so we can all get to know you better.

  • fan

    Those UFC shows on tv are the best gay softcore porn I ever did see, yum.

  • Jonathan

    UFC: serious and effective masturbation material for awakening pubescents all over the country

  • michael E freeman Saulsberre

    I think you homos are a bunch of losers Brian z you are a blade fo sure watch ya mouth homos

  • Scott

    I’m a gay man that has trained in MMA and I am a huge UFC fan. I was never turned on during any of my fights. I am more concerned about winning my match than to cop a feel. If your concerned about fighting a gay opponent that says one of two things about you. One either your afraid of your own repressed sexuality or two your afraid you could lose to a “fag”. Otherwise who cares! I’m a fighter and I love it!

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