UFC President Dana White Screams ‘Fag’ But Didn’t Mean to Offend Anyone

We’ll make this clear up front: We don’t know much about Ultimate Fighting Championship, except there are fewer rules and more opportunities to get the shit kicked out of you than in, say, boxing. But then UFC president Dana White — yes, the leader of the organization — had to renew every stereotype of bigotry you might assume his organization would harbor.

After a Wednesday report by Loretta Hunt of about new credentialing rules for fighters’ handlers that quoted anonymous sources, White unleashed a slur-laden YouTube response — because, again, THIS IS HOW AMERICA HOLDS DISCOURSE NOW — filled with derogatory terms for the mentally challenged, gays, and assholes. (He dared refer to assholes as “sleazebags.” The audacity!)

White, in the YouTube video, said the story was “absolutely . . . retarded,” and called Hunt “a . . . moron,” explaining a UFC fighter “gets so many credentials,” and can distribute them to whomever the fighter chooses. White noted that when he used to manage Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz, he would buy his own tickets to UFC events before being hired by Zuffa executives Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta.

White added that some fighters’ managers are “dirty . . . sleazebags” and said the premise of Hunt’s story was flawed and criticized her use of unidentified sources.

In the video, White also used a derogatory term for a homosexual. [LAT]

White, supposedly, “expressed remorse” for the video, and said he “never intended to hurt the gay community.” Hah! No, but really, he’s sorry! Watch!

He supports gay issues! He only attacks people who attack him! He would never attack someone because of their sexual orientation!

Way to break the stereotype of muscle head jock guys who throw around the word “fag” without actually meaning to offend anyone.