UFC President Wants Gay Fighters To Come Out So Others Can Insult And Beat Their Faces In

These losers from the Culinary Union can go out and say that I’m a homophobe and things like that [because of anti-gay slurs from me and the other fighters] — because it’s the furthest thing from the truth… I don’t give a fuck what these guys do or what they write or what they say. Make a TV show about me too. Make three more websites about me. You don’t bother me. You don’t hurt me…

I love when you get these organizations that try to — I guess I’d call it the holier-than-thou approach. You know, really? So when [our fighters] make mistakes and things happen and bad things happen, you want to point the finger at them and say this whole organization is bad and these are bad people because these are things that (they) have done. Fuck you, okay?

… How do you really think that we could possibly police 375 fighters and try to control everything they say?

The thing that Nogueira said down in Brazil, you know? And I’ll tell you right now, if there was a gay fighter in UFC, I wish he would come out. I could care less if there’s a gay fighter in the UFC. There probably is and there’s probably more than one. I mean, it’s 2012. Give me a break.

But you’re going to have guys like Nogueira who come from Brazil, who’s got that macho, Latino—doesn’t want to roll with a gay guy. People are going to say stuff like this.

– Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White in USA Today expressing his dislike for groups that call out his anti-gay slurs.

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  • dontturnaround

    So Queerty, how is the article title in ANY way accurate?

  • Michael

    This guy sounds like a moron.

  • Faegela

    @dontturnaround: indeed. i think he justified his comment and defended the entire UFC organization fairly well. and nowhere does he mention them coming out THEN beating them in the face… very biased title to this article.

  • Smoove

    This article has the most misleading title ever. Talk about hearing what you WANT to hear. I know titles have to be eye-catching, but to straight-up lie? Get the heck outta here.

  • jason

    Most of the UFC fighters are bisexual. They just won’t admit it. The same-sex side of themselves is the side they hide. It’s called machismo. In machismo, only your love for women can be publicly advertised. The same-sex side must be hidden because it’s considered non-productive as far as producing offspring is concerned.

    Don’t underestimate how wild a lot of these outwardly homophobic UFC fighers are. They’d ravish you in a New York minute if they were horny and had a room where it could be hidden from the public.

    They’d turn you upside down and leave you like a limp rag doll from their orgasmic passion alone.

  • the crustybastard

    There’s nothing gay about stripping down to your shorts to sweatily grapple on the floor with another guy.

    Nope. Nothing gay about that at all.


  • jason

    Half-naked men do not represent a homoerotic spectacle. Half-naked men is just that, half-naked men. There is no sexuality attached to the state of being half-naked. The only people who think it’s homoerotic are desperate queens in search of validation.

    As for Dana White, he’s in damage control. I don’t like him at all. Think about this: if you add an “i” after the D in Dana, you get Diana.

  • Riker

    @Smoove: Most misleading headline EVER? …you must be new here.

    @jason: Half-nakedness in itself might not be homoerotic. Two men being half naked and rolling around the floor with legs locked around each other in positions that are very similar to common sex positions? Yeah, homoerotic.

  • jason


    That is completely your opinion, one that is possibly influenced by your own need to validate yourself.

  • Riker

    @jason: Yes, it is my opinion. It is also the opinion of a great many other gay men. Since homoeroticism is defined by people rather than scientific criteria, the opinions of gay men on whether or not something is homoerotic determine if it is.

  • Ryan

    If I hadn’t read the article I would have thought that Dana White really said that and it would have really made it hard to watch UFC which I actually enjoy as a sport.

    Queerty needs to to quit being vindictive in this way because that’s exactly the sort of thing Danna is criticizing, he’s not going to care about accusations of prejudice if his accusers are equally prejudice towards him.

    You guys need to grow up and quit being so bitter.

  • SteveC

    This guy is a bigot and is merely in damage control.

    Many human rights groups wrote a letter to Anheuser Busch asking them to cease its sponsorship of UFC because of the continuous, and repeated homophobia of the players and management in the UFC.

    This moronic bigot could ensure that the UFC is not a homophobic organisation by firing any player that makes hate-filled comments like Nogueira.

    The UFC refuses to take any action.

    Until the UFC takes concrete steps to eliminate homophobia from the game then this idiot needs to be regarded as a bigot, and we need to continue reminding Anheuser Busch that associating with bigotted groups like the UFC is damaging their brands.

  • Ezra

    Terrible title for this article. WTF… I’m angrier at this misleading title than I am about the things that Dana legit said in he article.

  • jason


    A gay man’s homo-eroticism is a straight woman’s hetero-eroticism. Keep in mind that many women enjoy the male form.

    In any case, it is simply your opinion and not a definition. The gay man’s perspective does not define anything.

  • Mike

    @jason: “The gay man’s perspective does not define anything.”

    So we can feel free to ignore you when you get on one of your “I hate women” jags?

  • uppity1

    @jason: Very true. A friend of mine is a hooker with two alter-egos; one is a tranny, the other is man, and he has had sex with many fighters, mostly in his tranny persona. His take on it; that boxers and MMA boys are very physical types and are often seeking something different. Publicly, they’re regarded as the hyper-masculine, alpha males. But sexually they enjoy being submissive receivers and they’re not going to ask for this from the women in their lives. My friend says the overwhelming majority of these fighters want him to penetrate them.

  • Kev C

    Dana White’s job is to pimp homoeroticism to straight boys. Woman, gays or any normal adults don’t watch this shit. It’s for 15 year old boys. Also, Dana looks mildly retarded.

  • dale woodworth

    someone needs to tell this pinhead that it’s 2011, not 2012

  • Little Kiwi

    …….i kinda like that we’re a community that doesn’t have a reputation for neanderthalian violence.

    for all the whining insecure homosexuals make about “stereotypes” the reality is that none of our “stereotypes” involve senseless stupid violence and destruction.

  • Gerry Fisher

    I think we’re in an interesting transition, regarding sports and disrespectful language toward gay people. As little as five years ago, not only was use of this language common, but it was expected. Now, it’s in the process of being put into the category of “off the table.” People who are probably not horrifically homophobic–such as Kobe Bryant–are finding themselves falling back into the bad habit of using this language.

    It’s an adjustment period. Please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying; I’m not saying that use of the language is “right.” I’m coming at it more from the point of view of how difficult habit change can be.

    I also think that we should consider that this guy may be more naive than homophobic. Comments on another blog pointed out that, if his fighters come out, will they be vulnerable to extra beatings by competitors and attacks by the fans…will it torpedo their careers? Tough questions that I don’t think this guy has thought about, yet. At the very least, I hope it opens lines of conversation between the CEO and the gay competitors.

  • Little Kiwi

    ” Comments on another blog pointed out that, if his fighters come out, will they be vulnerable to extra beatings by competitors and attacks by the fans…will it torpedo their careers? Tough questions that I don’t think this guy has thought about, yet.”

    So guys who are highly-trained in mixed martial arts are scared that by being Out they’ll be the “victims of violence”?

    Hmm…you gotta wonder how those sparkly little proud femme twinks manage to be Out, eh? Despite the lack of mixed martial arts training and highly-pumped up muscular physiques they still manage to be Out, Live Out, and face adversity in a still largely anti-gay world.

    it’s puzzling. the guys who fight for a living are scared of……fighting? really? i ask you, genuinely – how tough can these guys actually be? if a sparkly little twink with no martial arts training can come out then what the FUCK excuse are any closeted UFC guys thinking makes logical sense???

    it aint fears of safety, that’s for damned sure. it’s VANITY. people who stay in the Closet for too long find themselves “in too deep” – their pride gets in the way and they end up being secure only in their false image of perceived-heterosexuality. its’ not about safety, it’s about Vanity – they’re too proud of their ability to “pass for white”

  • Vibes

    Dana is an Irish girl’s name! Anyway, he’s been showing up on my gaydar for years. Another ‘straight’ guy obsessing about something that really shouldn’t interest him at all. If he really was straight.

  • Armrio

    Nogueira, macho?Really?And this american guy that probably knows nothing about Brazil, shoulb be aware that lots of latin men, especialy the ones that come from lower classes like Nogueira,fuck everything , woman, man, tranny, and get fucked as well.Actually that are alot of stories surrounding his past, just saying…

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