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  • EdWoody

    Brave, brave people.

  • Tom

    Now those gays have balls!

  • Clockwork

    God bless these brave Ugandans in their fight for free expression, speech, and thought.

  • J Stratford

    This is great news indeed!

    The vile homophobia (death penalty to gays) being spread by the American Chiristian Right Loonies in Africa is showing signs of degradation. Thanks to pressure from the gay-friendly world, and the heroism of the gay and gay-friendly Ugandans!

  • Daez

    @J Stratford: Quick, someone call Dan Cathy and tell him to donate another 5 million. That is if he still has another 5 million to donate.

  • DouggSeven

    That’s the happiest picture of a ‘pride day’ picture you could find from the event?


  • Hephaestion

    God bless our Ugandan LGBT brothers and sisters! May they feel great joy as they show all of Uganda that we are their friends and family members, not the evildoers of myths which they have heard. Let light be shone on all the lies, so that the good people of Uganda can see for themselves that we are GOOD, and good FOR them.

    I hope the Kigali Public Library has good books about LGBT issues and people in it, so that all there can read the truth.

  • Gerald

    We wish to thank the world for all their undying support, Guys thank you very much. I attended pride week in Kampala (Ofcourse I stay here) and it was amazing and even when the police raided the party, I saw an amazing force of support from the community and the entire world like I have never seen before. Phone calls were made allover the world and in less than an hour the detained 10 or so activists were released with no charges.

    Aluta continua.

  • Geri

    Good for them!!!

    However re: ” Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera asked a crowd of cheering gay men, lesbians, transgendered men and women, and queers somewhere in between.”

    Read more

    I’d like to remind (or possibly inform) Alexis Okeowo that Brenda Howard, the “Mother of Pride”, was a bisexual woman who was an active member of the early bisexual political activist group BiPAC, a Regional Organizer for BiNet USA, a co-facilitator of the Bisexual S/M Discussion Group and a founder of the nation’s first Alcoholics Anonymous chapter for bisexuals.

  • hamoboy

    Amazing! Gives me so much hope when LGBT presence can be displayed and reaffirmed in the face of so much homophobia!

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