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Uganda ‘Likely’ Passing Gay Death Bill … Adam Lambert + Twilight?

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• Passage of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill “is likely.”

• The, uh, “real” porn version of Levi Johnston will be played by performer Casey. And there will be wang.

• Vallejo Mayor Osby Davis was not the town’s favorite person at last night’s city council meeting, where some 500 folks showed up to be all, “Why you hatin’ on the gays?”

• Californians Against Hate’s Fred Karger launches the “Five For Fred” campaign, a legal defense fund effort to help pay for answering NOM’s legal assault.

• Who says the black community is afraid of the gays? Who says?

Harvey Milk joins 12 others as a California Hall of Fame inductee.

• The first international treaty banning sexual orientation discrimination went into effect yesterday. It’s the EU’s Treaty of Lisbon.

• Zac, Justin, Chace, Robert! The twinks get the Warhol treatment.

• The same HIV strain is infecting gay and straight men in Kenya, leading AIDS researchers there to conclude, uh, everyone is sleeping with each other. Not helping things: That merely distributing AIDS education material can get you arrested.

• William Brown Jr. was sentenced to two life sentences for the stabbing murder of Ryan Skipper in Florida in 2007. Brown’s accomplice Joseph Beardon is already serving a life sentence.

• Adam Lambert and Twilight? Not that’s gay. But the pop star hopes a song that didn’t make his debut album will be perfect for the vampire flick’s third movie.

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  • schlukitz

    Passage of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill “is likely.”

    Ignorant, murderous, son-of-a-bitch.

    He should have a stroke and spend the last 20 years staring at the ceiling like a vegetable, thinking about what he did, before he dies in agony from an intestinal blockage and boating.

  • terrwill

    No. 1 · Schlukitz: I second your wish………….It boggles the mind that the only place I have seen anything about this matter is here on Queerty. These sub human filthy savages recieve OVER ONE HALF BILLION DOLLARS per year in US foreign aid. !! Our tax dollars are funding these animals and their wishes to put anyone who engages in any form of Gay sex in prison for life. If you know of someone who is “suspected” of being Gay, you must report them or you get three years in prison. And one can only imagine the conditions of a ugandan prison. Basically they are imposing a death sentence on any one even remotley near Gay.

  • terrwill

    William “Bill Bill” Brown: I take a small bit of solance in knowing that your new name will be William “Bleeding Ass” Brown shortly. Every time a cock is rammed in your ass in prison I want you to think of Ryan Skipper. Yet then again most self hating fags such as yourself probably already have had plenty of cocks barebacked in your ass at the local cruise areas. Am just hoping the sex you get in prison is of the violent rape variety…………..

  • Attmay

    Death to Museveni!

  • sal(the original)

    uganda is so wrong

  • Benjamin

    Are you kidding me with this? Really? This is horrific. Uganda is going to put homosexuals to DEATH? Why isn’t this front page news everywhere?

    I don’t want to be that guy, but what if this was any other group? Any at all. Make it Jews or local ethnic minorities, or even red heads for that matter, and then what would the reaction of the world be? What words would we as a culture use to describe systematically imprisoning and murdering any of those groups?

    Make it gay people however, and it’s twenty stories back from the clearly more important late breaking news regarding Tiger Wood’s shirt color at the time of his car crash.

    This is OUTRAGEOUS. And the support this gets from some Conservative Christians in the United States is monstrous. How far away is this from the way many people state side feel about us? I’m not being hyperbolic. I’m genuinely curious. Are attitudes here from the deep right wing 180 degrees different than this? If you gave Jerry Fallwell, or Fred Phelps, or even some currently serving members of congress the power to make national policy regarding homosexuality, would the laws look vastly different from those being adopted in Uganda? It’s a worrisome concept.

    Talk me down someone.

  • sal(the original)

    benjamin why would anyone talk you down?honey keep at it,truetrue

  • terrwill

    No. 5 · Benjamin: No need to simmer down. This is an outrage and it seems that no one in the media is picking this one up. Maybe they don’t want to “offend” these savages. The rightwing-nutbag scumbag lunatics who support this animal are licking their vile chops because they can only dream that they would one day be able to enact such legislation in the United States. And in case anyone missed my first post. These filthy savage animals recieve OVER HALF A BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR IN UNITED STATE TAX DOLLARS………….

  • terrwill

    And here is one more chestnut from this news:

    “Activists see the legislation as another sign of the growing impact of U.S. evangelicals and anti-gay campaigners in Uganda. But Bahati denied any foreign influence contributed to the bill.”

    Re-read that: “another sign of the growing impact of U.S. evangelicals” Next time someone sees Rick Warren smiling and glad handling with our leaders think about that sentence…….

  • Chuck

    Why would Adam Lambert want to contribute in any way to the Mormon Church’s campaign against the gays?

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