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Uganda ‘Likely’ Passing Gay Death Bill … Adam Lambert + Twilight?

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• Passage of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill “is likely.”

• The, uh, “real” porn version of Levi Johnston will be played by performer Casey. And there will be wang.

• Vallejo Mayor Osby Davis was not the town’s favorite person at last night’s city council meeting, where some 500 folks showed up to be all, “Why you hatin’ on the gays?”

• Californians Against Hate’s Fred Karger launches the “Five For Fred” campaign, a legal defense fund effort to help pay for answering NOM’s legal assault.

• Who says the black community is afraid of the gays? Who says?

Harvey Milk joins 12 others as a California Hall of Fame inductee.

• The first international treaty banning sexual orientation discrimination went into effect yesterday. It’s the EU’s Treaty of Lisbon.

• Zac, Justin, Chace, Robert! The twinks get the Warhol treatment.

• The same HIV strain is infecting gay and straight men in Kenya, leading AIDS researchers there to conclude, uh, everyone is sleeping with each other. Not helping things: That merely distributing AIDS education material can get you arrested.

• William Brown Jr. was sentenced to two life sentences for the stabbing murder of Ryan Skipper in Florida in 2007. Brown’s accomplice Joseph Beardon is already serving a life sentence.

• Adam Lambert and Twilight? Not that’s gay. But the pop star hopes a song that didn’t make his debut album will be perfect for the vampire flick’s third movie.