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Uganda President’s Message to Kids: Don’t Let Your Friends Go Gay


Do you have a few thousand dollars and a long weekend to spare? Then maybe you would like to become one of these foreigner homosexuals supposedly traveling to Uganda to recruit kids! Because Uganda’s president is warning his country’s young people that they must resist attempts to be drawn into such savagery.

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni joins the ridiculous and frightful campaign to make gay sex punishable by death, telling an audience of young people gathered at the Young Achievers Awards at a hotel in Kampala, Uganda’s capital: “I hear European homosexuals are recruiting in Africa,” adding, “We used to have very few homosexuals traditionally. They were not persecuted but were not encouraged either because it was clear that is not how God arranged things to be.”

His advice to these youth? Friends don’t let friends go gay. “You should discourage your colleagues [involved in homosexuality] because God was not foolish to do the way he arranged. Mr and Mrs, but now you have to say Mr and Mr? What is that now? … If you know, tell your friend who is being tempted to smoke those drugs; counsel them. Aids and drugs are here. … The future of Uganda is in the hands of you young people. I implore you young people to have love for your nation and embrace patriotism, discard sectarianism, tribalism and religious bigotry.”

But LGBT bigotry? Embrace it!

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