Also, American Episcopals Plan "Parallel Church"

Ugandan Anglican Takes on Teachers

Ugandan Anglican Archbishop Henry Orombi‘s a man on a mission. A homophobic mission, that is.

The so-called holy man’s attempting to educate the nation’s educators on the gay dangers. Speaking in Kayunga, Orombi claims Uganda’s teachers are more concerned with getting the kids in school than properly educating them on acceptable social behavior:

Acts of homosexuality and lesbianism have infiltrated our schools, especially secondary schools. I have personally joined the war against the vice and I want you to join me.

While he’s asking his countrymen to join his anti-queer crusade, Orombi insisted he and his righteous comrades won’t be teaming up with America’s pro-gay Episcopals, even if it means giving up precious financial aid:

We shall not associate with them even if it means losing aid. We rather remain poor than accept aid which will in the end lead to moral decay of society.

Religious fanatics never cease to amaze us – this man would rather he and his countrymen go hungry than deal with their gay-friendly Christian cousins? That’s some fucked up shit.

The Anglican Communion’s been in disarray as pro-gay and anti-gay camps pick sides in the increasingly tense culture wars. The international movement’s figure head, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, spoke out last week, saying he’s “hopeful” the movement will avoid a schism. Unfortunately, six American churches have defied Williams’ wished and announced they’ll form a parallel church in America for their fellow homophobic worshipers.

According to sources, at least six primates are planning the consecration of a prominent American cleric as a bishop to minister to Americans who have rejected their liberal bishops over the issue of homosexuality.

The move will send shock waves through worldwide Anglicanism and may prove to be a fatal blow to the efforts of Dr Rowan Williams to hold together what he described last month as a “very vulnerable, very fragile” Church.

The initiative is understood to have been co-ordinated by senior African archbishops, including the Primate of Kenya, Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi, who represent the core of the so-called Global South group of conservative primates.